Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Boba 4G Review + Giveaway!

Jake and I using our new Boba 4G in GlacierA few days ago, I told you the story of how I came to love babywearing, and a bit about the carriers I've tried, loved, and not-so-loved. My Boba carrier has served me so well over the last 3 years, and I'm so excited that I've had the chance to try out the newest version of it - - the 4G!

You guys - I was seriously on my way out of the house to see Justin Timberlake in concert when I noticed the package from Boba on my doorstep, and I had a hard time breaking away knowing I couldn't open and play with it until the following day. Seriously - JUSTIN. TIMBERLAKE. Boba almost won! Almost - haha.

But it sure made my morning coffee exciting!

And of course, I immediately put it on and wore Jake around the house. My friend came over with her kiddos shortly after (the same friend I rode to see JT with), and I answered the door while using it. She was probably laughing at what a big dork I was over the whole thing, but she gets my love of wearing little squishy babies, so I wasn't ashamed ;)

So began another blossoming love affair with Boba - sighhhh, Boba is so good to me!

I mentioned this before, but babywearing is such a comfort to me, and to my babies. Henry and Jake have loved being worn so much, and the second I buckle them into these baby carriers, they relax, quiet down, and start looking around and soaking in the world around them. It's also fabulous for their physical development, because they use muscles against inertia as you move around. Maybe that's getting too far into things, but I'm a big fan of all the babywearing benefits there are! The nice thing about Boba carriers is not only how easy they are to use, but how close and secure they hold my babies - which really makes them super comfy and happy! Even my wild, loud boys get "what a good baby!" comments when they're buckled in the Boba. They're little angels in these things!

We love our Boba 4G!

SO, the new 4G carrier is just as easy to use as the older models. There are only 2 steps to get a baby positioned and secured, and they are super easy, super adjustable buckles. Matt will sometimes wear Jake on a walk or around the backyard, and adjusting the carrier to fit each other is easier than adjusting the driver's seat in the van between users - haha!

Using the new 4G carrier feels very familiar to the old design, but there are some differences!

Here are my favorite aspects of the new design:

 Storage pocket - helllooo, lip gloss and debit card holder, where have you been all my life?

 The infant insert - I'm not sure if I'll ever have a newborn again, but I love this little attachment just in case I do! When my babes were under the weight minimum, I used to roll receiving blankets to tuck in the carriers to make them safe. Now there's no need!

 More discreet nursing - there's something about the new design that makes it even less obvious when you're nursing! There's kind of a lip at the top of the carrier that didn't used to be there, and it blocks the view of what Jake is doing when he's having a snack! ;)

Also - a purse strap holder?!

How cool is that? (PS - I love that the baby is sleeping in this video - my kids totally pass out in our Bobas, too!)

My only complaint? While the color I chose (Glacier) looks really sharp and is totally gender neutral, the black fabric collects lint and cat hair like nobody's business! Which is my fault. I should have considered white cat + black fabric - you'd think I'd figure that out after 10 years of having Odin in our family ;)  So if you have a white pet in your family, maybe go with the color 'Dusk'?

Jake loves Boba! ;)

That being said - want to win one of your own? Yep, I said it!

Boba is giving away a Boba Carrier 4G, a Boba Air (which looks super cool!), and a Boba Wrap! Yes - there will be 3 winners! So if soft sided carriers aren't your thing like they are mine, maybe you can give their wrap a shot!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Be sure to like my Facebook page and Instagram - they'll get you entries into the giveaway! And, ya know, if you're feeling generous, you could also like my Jamberry page, follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin', or with GFC - but those would just be out of the kindness of your heart, it won't get you closer to a free Boba, unfortunately ;)

Lots of luck to you! I hope you get to welcome a Boba into your family!

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Boba - Freedom Together
Thank you, Boba! We love you!
Boba sent me this 4G carrier in exchange for my review. I was compensated in product only. All opinions are my own - we truly love our Boba carriers and we hope you do, too! :)

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