Monday, June 23, 2014

What Do I Want My Boys To See?

I had no intention of being a boy mom (and only a boy mom) when I thought of having kids.

But here we are.

Once in a while, my heart still breaks at the thought of not having a little shopping buddy, or not having someone's hair to braid, or not getting to help plan a wedding and pick out a wedding gown for my never-to-be little girl. But I see and enjoy the perks of being a mom to just boys all the time. And it's certainly a learning experience.

I didn't have a real active mom growing up, and that worked out just fine for me because I wasn't a real active girl. I do wish she'd been a little more interested in hair and make up and clothes - because I was, and she didn't have a lot to offer me.

Now, looking back on that situation and having a few boys to keep up with myself, I realize that my mom never could have kept up with a little boy, let alone a set of them! And I guess God is kinda funny like that - He knows what each of us are capable of.

Since I have a little pack of cubs, as I like to picture them, I realize that...I've got some changing to do!

I'm not my mom, and I feel like my lifestyle has already left room for improvement (since I stay home with my guys), but my upbringing didn't leave me with a whole lot of desire to be active. I enjoy it, but I have to be intentional about it to make it happen. It's not my hard-wiring - I need to create the habits now, and it's not always easy!

When I talk about being active, I'm not necessarily talking about exercise or sports. While those things count and are included, I'm also talking about being capable - getting my hands dirty, doing hard work, taking initiative, getting things done.

I want my kids to look back on their childhood and see a mom that wasn't afraid to get a little dirt under her manicured finger nails. A mom that could wield a hammer and start a fire, and also make bread from scratch and sew a quilt on her own. I want to be an example of a woman that can do anything a man can do (and sometimes more). Both because I want to keep up with them as they grow and learn, and to set a good example for the future women in their lives. It's something that I have to work at constantly. Every day life, left unplanned, just isn't very intentional for me.

In all of my decisions I make, the hobbies I have, the people I spend time with, and even in the act of planning for the future, I think about that - what do I want my boys to see? 

I want them to see love, action, and strength so that they seek the same things from their future spouses. I want them to look back on their childhood and see a Mom that loved, that did, that cared, and that was capable. And I'm grateful for the challenge!

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