Thursday, June 5, 2014

This is how you spend a weekend.

Start out by doing something with your family. Friday nights are no longer for parties - they're for homemade pizza, and welcoming your in-laws home from their snow bunny stint in Florida. Make sure you get some good rest after spreading the love around.

In the morning, get up early and get your family dressed. Grab a wagon, and visit the farmer's market. Make sure you get some fresh brewed coffee, apple cider donuts that are made while you watch, and stock up on veggies.

When you get home, spend most of your day outdoors. Do some gardening and some weeding, and make sure to appreciate the sunshine.

On Sunday, you might want to visit church, but if that's not your thing, skip to the next step: invite some family and friends over and share some delicious food. Soak up your time with the ones you love, kiss babies, eat some fresh fruit (and maybe some cake). When they head home, find a cozy seat outside and breathe in the breeze.

Weekends aren't nearly as long as they should be, so go ahead and take Monday off.

Start your day of freedom off with breakfast at a mom & pop style diner. Order something yummy, and don't forget the coffee! When your bellies are full, take a walk in nature somewhere. Absorb the green-ness around you, and drink up the fresh air. Because your kids will be shouting, "Playground! Playground!", that should be your next stop. Find one with swings and a slide, and enjoy.

If you happen to have a baby, look to him for cues for how you should feel throughout the day. He'll show you how enjoyable things can be.

When you get home, your family's going to be tired, so you should probably put all of your little ones down for a nap. That means it's time to enjoy a hobby and unwind for a while - embroidery is a great, calming (and gorgeous) choice. I recommend you do it outside. When you've had your fill, get your hands dirty in the garden. Dig right in - - dirt comes off, but the satisfaction you'll find in it will last a lot longer!

Go ahead and wash up, and put on some comfy clothes. Turn on a fan and your favorite guilty pleasure show on your DVR, and drift off to sleep.

That should do it. ♥

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