Thursday, June 19, 2014

Note to Self (This Summer)

This Summer:

Spend oodles of time in the patio swing. All but live in it.

Take a ton of pictures of Jake. His baby days are flying by!

 Snip herb blooms and use them as mini bouquets.

 Don't be afraid to get dirt under your fingernails.

 Be okay with signing off all weekend - work will be there on Monday.

 Work to fit in date nights and celebrate love.

 Breathe in more fresh air than I ever have before.

 Love on my littles-turning-bigs every second I've got.

 Fall more in love with all things growing and blooming.

 Make much, much more time to be creative and crafty.

 Multiply my freckles a little more every day.

 Make many, many batches of sun tea.

 Live intentionally, love fully, and laugh every chance I get.

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