Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Homemade Baby Food: Pears & Peas

If you need a refresher on the basics of making your own baby food, check out my post about it HERE!


Once I've worked through orange veggies, a green veggie or two, and bananas, one of the first fruits I like to give my babies is Pears. They puree really easily (similarly to apples), and they don't have a very strong taste, so babies seem pretty receptive to them. 

When making baby food, I buy organic for the dirty dozen and then just make sure to peel the rest. Pears are number 20 on the list, so I usually buy non-organic and peel them.

 Cut them into cubes to make for faster cooking and processing.

 Arrange them in a veggie steamer in a large pot with about an inch of water. Cover the pot with a lid, bring to a boil, and let them steam until fork-tender (usually about 5-7 mins).

 When the pears are soft, put them into your food processor. SAVE THE WATER in the bottom of the pot that you used to steam them - add this to your food processor a tiny bit at a time as your puree until you have the desired consistency (thicker for older babies, thinner for younger ones).

 Using a tablespoon measuring spoon, add 1-2 Tbspns into each cube of an ice cube tray. Freeze until the cubes hold (a couple hours is more than enough), then pop them into a freezer safe baggie labeled with the type of puree and the date it was made. 


My kids tend to like peas as a first green veggie more than green beans or anything else. They are slightly sweet, so that helps! They don't puree quite as well as others, though (at least if you're using real, fresh peas!), so be aware that they'll have a slighty lumpier texture.

 Peas aren't ranked on the top 50 list (snap peas are, but, we aren't eating the shells so that makes them safer). I don't buy them organic, but I do like to buy them fresh from Trader Joes (as apposed to frozen, though those are okay, too).

 Just like (almost) any other puree I make, I steam them in the veggie steamer with about an inch of water below them and a lid on the pot. There's no prep work, though - just toss them in!

 Peas take a bit longer to cook until they're soft, but you also don't want to totally leach them of nutrients so keep a close eye on them when cooking. I would guess mine cooked for about 10 minutes.

 When they're finished, pour them all into your food processor, and use the water left in the bottom of the pot to thin them out. Remember that they are going to be a bit lumpier than other foods no matter how much water you use, so don't water them down too much trying to get them smooth - it's just not gonna happen! ;) (See picture above to see what I mean!)

 Fill the cubes of an ice cube tray with 1-2 Tablespoons each of the puree. I find that a heaping Tablespoon is usually perfect. Freeze them in the tray for a couple of hours until the cubes are solid, and then pop them into a freezer-safe baggie labeled with the puree type and the date you made them.

Next on the menu.... Sweet Potatoes & Chicken!

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