Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jake's Baptism

This past Sunday, we had our youngest son, Jake, baptized.

He just so happened to turn 7 months old on the same day! That makes him the oldest of our children to be baptized (Luke was 5 months, Henry was 3 months), and I want to say that it was just a matter of timing, but the truth is - we weren't feeling very passionate about it this time around. In the end, we decided to have him baptized simply because his older brothers were, and it feels like a rite of passage for our children - something we've all done as babes, and religious affiliations aside - it's really the first celebration of their coming into this world.

Me with Jake & Luke at the church.

The baptism took place at the same church where Matt & I were married, and each of his big brothers were baptized. He also had the same Godmother (my sister) as his big brothers, and wore a combination of their baptism outfits. I love the tradition of it all - I'm a sucker for traditions!

Jake's day ended up being a beautiful one, so we were able to have our post-baptism gathering outside. We made the party super simple by ordering catering from Wegmans (sub, fruit and veggie platters) and a cake. I also made a pasta salad and some banana bread. I bought a few simple white & light blue party necessities, and let the outdoors do the rest of the "decorating"!

Look at how beautiful our day was!

There's a goofball in every family ;)

Luke's doing his happy party dance!

Because it was his 7 month birthday, too!

Here's a picture of each of the older boys on their baptism days:

Luke on the left, Henry on the right.

Days and celebrations like these make me so thankful that we moved home five years ago! (If you didn't know, we lived in Charlotte when Luke was born but made the decision soon after to come back to Buffalo.) It was a gorgeous, loving, blessed day!

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