Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Greener Cooking With My Ozeri Green Earth Pan

When Matt and I first moved in together (ten years ago!), our collection of pots and pans was pretty comical. We were given one or two hand-me-downs with flimsy handles and burnt bottoms to get us through our first days of living in our brand new apartment. We bought a small, inexpensive set from a department store to supplement what we had, and we struggled with that for a couple years.

For my bridal shower, I received a beautiful set of non-stick cookware, and it wasn't cheap! Everything was wonderful, and though we still use most of it, they've degraded quite a bit over the years. I've been awfully leery of their non-stick coatings! I made gravy recently, and before I'd seasoned it there were tiny black dots floating in it. I knew I hadn't put pepper in what could be floating in there but pieces of the nonstick coating? Gross!

Check out this greener non-stick frying pan by Ozeri!
Ozeri's 8" Green Earth Pan (Source)

Ever since the gravy incident, I've been desperate to get new pots and pans that are healthier to cook with. It's not really in the budget to get a full set at the moment, and I'm even hesitant about using stainless steel because I've never had good luck with them. I end up doing way more scrubbing than I'd like! So I've started piecing together a new collection. A stainless steel pot here, a cast iron pan there, and now a perfect little "egg" pan (as I like to call it). It's an 8" pan called Green Earth by Ozeri, and it has an ultra-safe ceramic coating on it. Of course, I'm still playing it extra safe by avoiding metal utensils, and seasoning it with coconut oil here and there, but right out of the box and for the last month - this thing has been awesome!

I am not a big fan of lunch meat (like, at all), but I still want to have a decent amount of protein at lunch. So I usually have scrambled eggs, or 2-egg feta omelet. My husband is always groaning about the gross pans my egg cooking leaves behind - and seriously, why are eggs so horrible to clean up after?! No matter what I use - olive oil, butter, coconut oil, cooking spray - when I make them in a traditional non-stick pan....they definitely STICK. In the worst way possible. It's a horrible mess, every time.

Find out how to be done with gross egg pans! Even after cooking an omelet in the Green Earth pan, it looks brand new!
Left: My old traditional non-stick pan after an omelet // Right: The Ozeri Green Earth pan after an omelet

This awesome little pan, however, cooks my eggs evenly, everything slides right out, and it looks clean when you're done! I still wash it, of course, for health reasons, but I do so very lightly because it doesn't even really need it!

I've used it for other things, too - pancakes, sausage, and even some turkey hot dogs. Everything cooks so smoothly, and clean up is such a breeze! I love this thing!! (So does my husband, haha!)

I also love that it's green on the outside as well - so pretty!

I still have my non-stick skepticism, but this awesome little pan is a step in the right direction, for sure. And when I see little black specs in my food now, it's because I did put them there ;)

The Ozeri Company provided me with the 8" frying pan I reviewed in this post. I was not compensated financially, and all of my opinions are my own! Thanks for the opportunity to share this great pan with my friends, Ozeri!

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