Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter (2014)

I love a warm Easter - it doesn't have to be Summery, but it should at least be Spring, amiright? This year, the sun was shining, and we broke 70 degrees, so we more than got our wish!

And what a fun, blessed, and beautiful day we had with our 3 guys!

It started at 6am, when Luke ran into our bedroom and whisper-yelled, "GUYS! The Easter Bunny came! I saw an egg on the couch! Come on, let's get up!!!"  He hopped back and forth on his toes as he urged us out of bed - the poor kid looked like he would burst!

I left the baby sleeping in our bed, and we went to get Henry up and make coffee so we could get started. We turned them loose - and they loved it! They were both so excited this year, and every time Henry found an egg he'd say, "I found it!"  He said it after every single egg, all day long. SO cute!

Luke found their baskets in record time. The last two years, we've had to all but point out where they are! (BTW, hiding their baskets it's relatively new to me! Only the eggs were ever hidden at my house growing up, and the baskets were left out on the table or the floor for us. Matt insisted they should be hidden, so we've been doing that the last few years.) All three baskets were together behind the shower curtain, and Luke noticed something poking out. Of course the first thing he spotted in them were the squirt guns - and he was pumped!

It took the boys some time to find all of the eggs (there was a lot of stopping & starting - see Luke's GI issue), and it was interesting to see their different methods. Luke would immediately open his eggs to see what was inside (he called the hard boiled eggs "fake" eggs, which is actually totally backwards, haha), and Henry collected them all and opened them all at once when he was finished.

They were a little harder to find this year - but of course, EB taped one to the ceiling, like he does every year!

After the hunt, there was a bit of obligatory candy for breakfast, and the boys spent some time playing with the goodies in their baskets. They each received some puzzles, cars, stickers, socks, inflatable Avengers hammers, toy slingshots, painting sets, straws, squirt guns, bubbles, chalk, and their favorite candies.

Jake woke up after all the action was over, and Luke helped him check out his first ever Easter basket! Luke and Henry both used that little blue basket (above) for their first Easters, too! Jake got a little Easter book and an Easter dinosaur toy.

While the kids played, I made a big brunch for us to share with my mom & her husband. I made a dutch baby, homefries, eggs, hash, bacon, sausage, fruit salad, and coffee. I also bought some Paczki and a butter lamb, of course! We all ate entirely too much, and then got the kids dressed and went outside.

As I mentioned, it was an absolutely beautiful day. In the sun, it was so warm and cozy! The boys had another egg hunt in the yard - my mom brought some of her own filled Easter eggs for the boys, and they had a blast running around to find them. I put a blanket down in the grass to spend some time with Jake, and since the sun was SO bright and strong that day, we got an umbrella out for him. I ended up spending quite a bit of time in our little shelter with my boys. The big boys sat with us and went through their candy inventory from the outdoor hunt. They also played a little hockey and went on the swings. It was just beautiful outside!

In the evening, as we approached dinner and the kids were napping, our power went out. It seemed really odd, considering it wasn't windy out, and it clearly wasn't snowing or icy! We heard a few ambulances and other emergency vehicles go by, so we thought maybe an accident took down a power line or something. It turns out that a power line fell nearby and started a fire in a field only a few minutes away. Power was out for a few hours, but came on before dark, so that was great!

Without power, however, our dinner plans were ruined. We had the grill and fire-pit to use, but we couldn't have made it work with that night's dinner. So we came up with the plan to warm up brunch leftovers in frying pans on the grill and have a picnic outside, where it was still lighter. It ended up being really fun - Luke kept saying it was the best Easter he ever had - cutie! :)

Here's some more photos from our day:

We hope your day was just as full of love and fun!

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