Thursday, February 27, 2014

Your Dessert Pins Are Ruining Pinterest. (For me.)

Your dessert pins are ruining Pinterest!

Um, okay....confession time.

I was being dramatic with that picture. Super dramatic. I was hoping it would inspire you to click through and see why on earth dessert of all things could be ruining Pinterest, and then you'd say, "hey this blog is pretty cute, and there's some cool stuff to read here, so I'm going to stick around!" Yeah, see? I tricked you. If it worked, I'm only a little bit sorry, because the truth is - I'm glad you came. I want to be friends with youuuuu. And I hope you'll stick around for much more than this silly rant of mine.

Aaaand yes, there is a rant to be had - I didn't totally lie.

Your dessert pins aren't actually ruining Pinterest. But they are ruining the experience of Pinterest for me. And I'm a little bit mad at you for it!

Here's the deal.

When Pinterest came into my life, my hobby collection (which was already exceedingly ridiculous), became outrageously ridiculous. I've found more projects, recipes, and ideas than I can possibly complete in this lifetime. Except for maybe after my kids are grown and I'm retired and there's something out there far cooler than Pinterest so all of that time spent Pinning will be a distant memory and I won't remember what projects I wanted to do or where I left my glasses after I finished doing the crossword puzzle in the paper (on my head) and so my point still stands. I have spent hours pinning things. And in that time, I've pinned deliciously dangerous things with the rest of you! It's true!

But then....

The first offence occurred when I was pregnant with Jake. I'd hop on Pinterest to distract myself from debilitating nausea, and BAM! Roasted meat stuffed with other meat and hard boiled eggs and pickles wrapped in bacon and slathered with mayo - the recipe of the year! (Or something equally as disgusting.) I would gag, and cringe, and I'd try to hop around all of those recipes, in the hopes that I'd find a new crochet pattern or a fun way to hide our stupid elf. But I couldn't. It was a morning sickness LANDMINE!

When that passed, I said hello to Pinterest again, and I hardly noticed food posts anymore.

But then.....

I found out I had Gestational Diabetes. And alllllllll of a sudden, people were addicted to pinning every recipe they could find that was made out delicious refined sugar and carbs ontop of carbs, and I'd nibble on my damn cheese stick or dry piece of turkey bacon and practically sob over PICTURES of chocolate. So again, I broke up with Pinterest.

This was becoming a seriously questionable relationship. One that I'd look at as a bystander and say, "It's time to let go, dear. There are other fish in the sea."

So Jake was born, GD went away, and it was time for me to shed my baby pounds. Of which, there were many. Pinterest is WONDERFUL for discovering Weight Watchers recipes and ideas (my diet of choice), but on the days when I just want to scroll through my friends' feeds and see the crafts and projects and ya know, things that aren't food (there are other things than food, did you guys know?!) - all I see are, chocolate slathered cheesecakes with oreos and peanut butter cups, buttercream and sprinkle topped cupcakes, the poke cake of the week, the trifle of the month, the over-the-top 5,000 calorie confection of the year.

And, I, want, to YELL AT YOU. Well, first I want to eat those things, and then yell at you.

Because you guys....yoouuuuu guys, and your ridiculously delicious pinning habits, are inspiring cravings in me that WERE NOT THERE BEFORE, and suddenly I'm at the fridge eating 5 points worth of chocolate chips so I don't explode out of WANT.


I am so sick of dodging unhealthy food on Pinterest, and I can't believe how much of it is just circling around endlessly. And where is it all coming from?! How are there more unhealthy recipes still to be had?! Stop it, people, stop it!!!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be yelling at you. You could argue that I should just unfollow foodies, or their food-specific boards, but, guys - do you know how long that would take me? I follow A LOT of pinners. Whenever I enter a giveaway and one of the entries is to follow someone on Pinterest I jump at it because I LOVE seeing the crafts and projects and home decor and preschooler games and all of that wonderful, wonderful creative stuff. I love following so many people over there! But taking the time to unfollow every food related board they have would be ridiculous.

Sighhh, I know you're not going to stop pinning food, specifically desserts (although, come on, when are you going to make that 17 layer cake with exotic ingredients you can only order from China??). So I will just trudge on through my unhealthy relationship with Pinterest, but I DON'T HAVE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Can't you just pin exactly what I want you to pin and nothing else so I can be happy about it? GOSH!

Love youuuuu!


  1. hahah this happens to me all the time! I actually made a Vine about it because I was eating my yogurt for breakfast and just kept seeing delicious donuts on Pinterest

  2. hahaha I love this!! The desserts don't bother me, because I don't like to bake and we're really not dessert people. However, when I'm playing on Pinterest while eating my budget lunch of egg salad or canned soup, the gourmet chicken salad in a spinach wrap type pins make me feel like I'm starving and that my egg salad sandwich is totally inadequate lol Ugh, why does Pinterest have to be so bad and so addictive?

    1. I don't know, it's not fair! ;) I do the same thing with other meals, too, but maaan do those desserts get to me!