Friday, February 28, 2014

To my love (on our 10 year dativersary)


Ten years ago, I was a silly girl with a big crush on a (slightly) older guy. You were so sweet, funny, and attentive - and after a few clueless and wonderful weeks, you asked me to be your girlfriend. I never knew that falling in sync with another person could be so simple. A decade of milestones, big and small, have somehow fallen behind us since then, and I'm still amazed by who you are. Thank you for being my husband. Thank you for putting up with my stubborn side, my tunnel vision, and the complex quirks I come with. I love you for the father you're always striving to be, for all of the big and little ways you help me out, and for never growing a beard (gross). I love you for picking me up when I'm down, for fixing so very many of my problems, and for making little moments extra special. I love you for being able to see the good in every situation, and for laughing about stupid things with me until it hurts and we're threatening to wake the baby.

I've been saying I love you for a decade now, but there's something even more important to say. You make my life better. You are the catalyst of so much happiness for me. And I wouldn't want to do this life without you. 

With almost 7 years of marriage behind us, it still makes me smile to see your wedding band on your hand. And when you call me your wife, it still makes me giddy. I mean, how romantic is it when you steal me away to the kitchen for a quiet moment without the kids and you whisper things like, "I want to kiss my wife" with your arms wrapped around my waist (ahem, I may have edited the verb to be more blog appropriate). Did you know that there are characters in romance novels based on you? It's ridiculous, really.

I spend my days with our children - our beautiful, hilarious, amazing children - and the knowledge that you brought them into my life is something I think about all the time. You made my dreams come true. You gave me the biggest blessings of my life. I hope you realize how important that is.

This is the first of many of our decades together, and I can't wait to see what the rest of them look like. Living them with you is such a blessing.

I love you like crazy.

Your Wife

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