Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's going to be a very Ninja Turtles Valentine's Day!

As a boy mom, I run into a lot of instances when I feel left out from doing girly things with my kids. It's tough (and so strange to me sometimes) that I only have boys, because I'm quite girly myself, and I need a little girly-girl outlet from time to time! But one of my favorite things to do is finding ways to incorporate the girlier things I love into our lives in a way that my little boys can get interested in, too.

Valentine's Day is all...pink and hearts and flowers....and not at all appealing to my rough, messy little balls of energy (well, except for the candy part). Now that Luke is in preschool, though, he exchanges Valentine's Day cards with his class, and I'm not gonna lie....I get particularly thrilled about it!

Last year he picked some generic Angry Birds Valentines to give out, and he spent such a long time tracing his name onto each one! He was so proud. Since then, his interest in other things has grown - like super heros, tough-guy anything...and of course, ninja turtles! What boy under 10 doesn't have the modern-day Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their radar right now?

So you can imagine our mutual delight when we found a way to make hilarious and adorable ninja turtles Valentines cards for Luke's class this year, and he is oh-so-excited to pass them out!

Check it out. Cardstore.com has THESE!

Ummmmm, imagine the hilarious possibilities, right?!

Luke is pretty computer savvy for his age, so I gave him a few instructions on where to look for his cards, and when he found the TMNT set his eyes lit up and he let out a giggle. I helped him crop down some images of his face and then he plopped them into place. First we started with a smile.

Ahh, cute!!!!

Some of the poses looked like they needed a little more emotion...some sort of fighting grimace, ya know? So I looked through some of my pictures and I found a hilarious one of Luke making a face at me when he was tired of me taking his picture at Easter last year. So I cropped it down and instructed him on how to fit it into his cards, and this was the result:

Oh, my gosh! Luke's reaction speaks for itself....

We had such a laugh imagining these cards being shared with his class! I ordered a few sets of both kinds (smiling and grimacing), and then I decided that Henry should have a few to pass out to his buddies, too. Of course, Henry still carries a little baby fluff in his cheeks, so I just knew putting him on a ninja turtle would be so cute it turns downright hilarious. I was right:

With our cards made, I checked them over for approval (and we opted out of having Cardstore.com print his name on the invitations - a little handwriting practice is good for us!) and ordered them. It was fun, quick, easy (you can see how easy HERE!) and I am SO happy with how they turned out! I've been imagining the faces of the boys' Grandparents and Luke's classmates as they receive their Valentines and I just cannot WAIT to witness their laughter!

When they get here, Luke and I will attach some candy to them, or maybe some ninja turtles fruit snacks. Super easy!

I think it's so cool to have your picture on your Valentines, and there are SO many other options to chose from on Cardstore. I was so excited to have something fun for my boys, but they've got something for everyone - Elmo, Dora, princesses, pirates, even One Direction for the teens. Super, super cool.

And......as a hilarious bonus, Cardstore has funny personalized cards, too. I couldn't resist trying this one on for size......

Hahaha! Ohhh, it makes me laugh until I cry, you guys.

What are you doing to send out a little love for Valentine's Day?

I was compensated for the cards I made for this review, but my opinions are my own! All screenshots were taken on cardstore.com, and all design components are their property. Thanks for letting us play with your fun cards, Cardstore!

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I really love that TMNT is still a "thing" since it was one of my favorite shows as a tween (< and that word didn't even exist back then! haha)