Monday, February 3, 2014

Lukas is 5!

I can't believe our biggest boy is 5 years old! It seems crazy that we are heading into the second half of his first decade, but if it's anything like the first half, it'll be amazing. :)

One Luke's actual birthday, I got to visit school and celebrate him with his birthday treat. As the school day was ending, we all noticed him getting a little sluggish and out of it. He was just sort of quiet and lethargic - not like his usual self at all. He was still so excited that it was his birthday, though, and anxious to celebrate that he powered through the day despite not feeling very well.

We had cake and presents with his Grandparents and Aunts & Uncles in the evening.

lukeyis5 007

lukeyis5 010

lukeyis5 015

lukeyis5 016

lukeyis5 026

lukeyis5 035

Do you think he likes his new bike? :)

Overnight, he came down with a fever, and was feeling pretty bad in the morning. We took him to the doctor, and it turns out that he had strep throat. Poor guy! We actually had to postpone his birthday party because of it, which is why I'm late to write about his birthday - we just got to celebrate this past weekend, finally!

His party was at Rolly Pollies with his cousins and some friends from school and from his Rolly Pollies class. He (and all the kids) had an amazing time!

LukeWinter 006

LukeWinter 008

LukeWinter 020

LukeWinter 030

LukeWinter 031

LukeWinter 034

LukeWinter 036

LukeWinter 038

LukeWinter 039

LukeWinter 042

LukeWinter 045

Happy (belated) Birthday to our sweet Lukey J!

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