Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Embracing Winter

Here in Buffalo, winter is kind of our "thing".

Ever hear of the Blizzard of '77? (I always assume everyone has, but unless you're from here...probably not. Anyways.)

I used to get really annoyed with our snow reputation. When I lived in Charlotte, everyone assumed that Buffalo was all-snow, all the time - and that's just not true. Our Summers can be just as warm as the south, some years. We do actually know what greenery looks like! I'll prove it to you a few months from now.

That's not the point. The reason we have the snowy reputation we do is because January & February are pretty brutally frigid and ridiculous. This year, with all its polar vortex nonsense, was one of the more "all the way" winters. Well, not was,'s not over yet. We're lucky to hit temps in the 20's right now.

Usually, around this time of the year, I'm SO sick of winter. I'm daydreaming about Spring, making plans, wishing for warmer days and signs of new life. And for some reason, this year - I'm really not. It does get annoying, the kids out and about in single temperature weather, all bundled up and multi-layered, but I'm not desperately seeking Spring, yet. I think having a lot of snow storms and beautiful fluffy snowfalls has helped with that. When it's just cold and blah and grey, who wouldn't want Spring? When everything is gorgeously white and's not so bad.

Winter has its perks.

Like warm, fluffy boots.

And cozy, comfy scarves.

Proud little evergreens, and snow capped wood piles.

Twisting, crossing, swirling deer tracks.

Proof of hungry animals gathering around our crooked apple tree.
(Note: not one of those prints are human-made!)

A simple snowy home, waiting for brand new tenants.

A sweet smelling reminder of the holidays.

Evidence of last year's oregano patch.

Drippy, fading icicles.

Early springy buds - serving as a promise.

And a cute wolf-headed buddy to explore with.

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  1. I love these! I always have to live vicariously through other people to experience winter since I live near Los Angeles. :) Thank you for sharing!