Wednesday, February 26, 2014

30 by 30 Update: Month 7

1. Have a "Home Made Lovely" worthy home by my 30th birthday, even if I don't actually participate in the series!
If you haven't seen my post about this, check it out. I vowed to spend the next year working on this one particular piece of my goals, because I wised up to the fact that it was too much to fit in by my birthday and yet the most important goal on my list (to me). I've had a lot of fun with planning and goal setting so far, and I hope you'll stay tuned for updates along the way!

2. Reach 225 read books on GoodReads. (207/225)This increased by 2 books so far. I need to fit in one more this month in order to stay on track, but I'm not worried. I'm actually writing this a few days before it will publish, so I may already be on my way to finishing the third book.

5. Get back down to 125 pounds (again!).
I'm getting there! Since the day Jake was born, I've lost 35 pounds - 18 of those since starting Weight Watchers on Dec 30th. I'm getting so close! I'm comfortably back into a size 6, so I can see victory on the horizon!

8. Execute a major purge around the house - aim to live more simply - and host a purgey sale (virtual? garage sale?). 
Because of my first goal (my new quest for lovely!), I started by organizing my clothes. I purged four full garbage bags! It's a slow start, but I've got a good sale pile going. I'm pretty settled on hosting a garage sale in June - my sister mentioned she can add some things to it as well. I may try to sell a few things virtually first, because I know I can get more for them online. My hope is to have less stuff, and to just....let go. I think I need to get a print that says Let It Go to remind me of this (and of course, every time I see that phrase now, I sing it).

17. Order Instagram pictures and start a simple Instagram scrapbook.
I found this new app called Groovebook, and I ordered 3 of them so far. Well, sort of. The first one is free (with a coupon code), I ordered a second one for $2.99, and I loaded up a third one that will print in March. What you do is, once you download the app, you upload any pictures you want from your camera roll, up to 100. They print them into a book, and the pictures are perforated so you can tear them out if you want to. Then each month, you upload more pictures, and get another book sent to you (for $2.99). You can also close a book early and get an extra if you don't want to wait until the next deadline. I have yet to get any of them, so I'm not sure of the quality. I want to order some prints from another site as well, and then decide what to do with all of them! I'm pretty excited to have these sent to me monthly, though - and so affordably. So many of my pictures are taken on my phone these days, and printing them just does't happen as often as it should.

29. Learn embroidery - study the most commonly use stitches (and some other cool/useful ones) and practice them. Make something using multiple methods.
Oh gosh, I'm LOVING this goal! I have a whole post going for this one that won't publish for a while because I have a few more projects to put into it, so you'll get more details on this soon. For now I'll just tell you that I checked out an adorable book from the library and used that plus some ultra useful links to walk me through my own little practice sampler, and I LOVED IT. This is going to be a forever hobby of mine, I just know it.

31. Read + fall in love with some poetry.
For Valentine's Day, I read a sweet little love poem book, and some of them really spoke to me. It was by Lang Leav, and a little silly, but I really enjoyed it. I want to revisit some Shel Silverstein, and read some by Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, and Ernest Hemmingway. Loving my library, lately!

Everything is chugging along, but the biggest update I have to report is that I've planned out a reasonable schedule to get everything crossed off. It involves following a list of things to complete each month, whenever I find some free time. Most of them seem do-able, except for my movie list. I really feel that I'll fall short there, but I know I can make some progress at least. I should have a lot to report for next month - wish me luck!


  1. Groovebook looks really cool! That's a new app to me, definitely need to check it out!

    I love embroidery but I haven't done any projects in soooooo long. What book did you get from the library? There are so many super cute embroidery books around. Are you familiar with She has a lot of adorable (and free!) patterns on her website, and more in her etsy shop.

    1. It is a super cool app, I can't wait to get my first book to see what the quality of the pictures is like! I got Doodlestitching by Aimee Ray - super cute book! There are a few projects in it I want to try. I have seen that site before, SUPER CUTE! I'll definitely dig into a little deeper as I take on my projects! :)