Friday, January 31, 2014

30 by 30 Update - Month 6

Happy January - it's time for a 30 by 30 update!

I'm cheating a little. If I were being honest, this would look a little more like this....

And that would be because I had a baby, and set aside my list for a while. Including the updates. So here we are. And I gotta say.....this is the 6 month update?! Where did the time go? My 1/2 birthday is coming up, and I just...can't even believe that I am that close to 30, you guys. Ugh, thoughts for another day.

For now, let's see if I've made any progress without realizing it - haha!

2. Reach 225 read books on GoodReads. (205/225)
I've added 8 books to this since last time (it was at 197), and I can totally add 20 more books before my birthday! It'll happen!!

5. Get back down to 125 pounds (again!).
When I wrote this goal, I was still gaining weight - being pregnant and all. But I knew it was possible having done it twice before after my first two babies. I officially started Weight Watchers on December 30th, and between my initial post-birth weight loss and what I've shed with WW, I'm already down 27 pounds! Which is really (finally!) starting to feel good. I was able to wear real jeans, and actually button them last week! Sounds silly, but it was actually an accomplishment I was looking forward to. I still have a ways to go, but another 3-4 months from now, and I should be able to cross this one off my list!

10. Make useful home organization charts (chores for the kids, meal plans, birthday calendar).
Um, sort of. I made some heavy duty spreadsheets to help organize my year and all of my various endeavors and part time gigs. But it's not what I was getting at when I made this goal. I hope to still get there, and maybe even translate some of what I did to into this.

13. Finish my movie to do list. (16/62)
I went up 5 movies on this one. Yikes, we'll see if I can do it or not!

20. Plan our family Disney vacation (for 2015).
It's starting! We've made a couple of initial decisions, and I reached out to a Magic Maker. We just got our Disney brochures in the mail yesterday - yahoo!

Well, for 4 months' worth of progress, that's a pretty lame showing! Time to get my butt in gear!

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