Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

christmaspicture 066We had a rough Christmas week (a cold AND a stomach bug!) after a season of my kids being SO excited, but I want to highlight the good parts.

At the start of December, I sat the boys down in front of the Christmas tree after dressing them in their Christmas pj's. It was NOT EASY to get these shots. Luke was wonderfully cooperative, but he's the only one. There may have been some behind the scenes bribery with candy I don't normally allow them to have. And there may have been a ton of silly outtakes with this one beautiful gem nestled in the middle, but the end result makes my heart skip a beat. My boys! I have THREE of them! And they're all adorable! And it's Christmas! Swoooon.

*At the start of the season, we asked Henry (2.5) if he remembered what Santa said. His answer was, "uh-oh! uh-oh! uh-oh!"

*We later corrected him (after laughing hysterically), and let him know that he says, "ho, ho, ho - Merry Christmas!" So his response evolved to "ho, ho, ho - Gary Bitmas!"

*On a trip to Trader Joe's, we ran into Santa! Luke had a long chat with him like they were old friends. Henry, on the other hand, was saying "No want it!" and shaking his head so fast, I thought it would fly off his shoulders.

*A couple weeks before Christmas, Luke decided the ONLY gift he needed was an ice cream play-doh set. Ya know, after he'd already sent his list to Santa. He talked about it at least 20 times a day, and he started begging us to buy it for him so he could get it sooner than Santa was coming. The poor thing even lost sleep over it! I've never seen him so worked up over anything before!

*I don't always make my kids visit Santa at the mall (why are kids so afraid of that??), but I always take them for their first Christmas. Kids need at least one picture with Santa, right? So we took Jake to get his picture on an extremely snowy day - it felt fitting. As expected, Henry wasn't interested. In fact, he made Matt stand faaaaar away with him. Luke, on the other hand, was happy to chat with Santa. He needed to tell him about his ice cream play doh set! So I only got 2/3 kids in the picture, but that's okay. We did a little shopping at the mall after, and then had lunch together in the food court. It was fun to get out with my family (it had been so long!), and we even ran into some of my BuffaloMommies friends. They were having a play date in the play area - I didn't even realize there was one scheduled!

christmas 039

*Our family elf, Snowflake Little Bear showed up on Black Friday by sneaking into one of our bins of Christmas decorations. Weird, right?? ;)

*On December 1st, Snowflake left us a North Pole breakfast for the third year in the row. There was hot chocolate, snowflake donuts, candy canes, red and green candies, and a little gift for each of the boys. North Pole Breakfast is a hit around here!

*We started a new tradition of exchanging tree ornaments on Christmas Eve. The boys have always gotten an ornament each year to start their collection for when they're older, but now we have something fun to look forward to on the morning of Christmas Eve! Luke got a Leonardo and Iron Man, Henry got a Fox and Captain America, and Jake got his baby's first Christmas ornament & a skillet with eggs and bacon (because we call him Jakey Jakey Eggs and Bakey!).

*Snowflake brought a gift for the boys, too! It was a Christmas Eve "kit" full of Christmasy things for them to do that day. There were stamps, an ornament paining set, books, a joke book, a book of mazes, red and green play doh, and more!

christmas 051

*For the first time in our kids' lives, Luke woke up on his own on Christmas morning - we've had to get them out of bed all the other years! Luke came running out and said, "Haha, you didn't have to wake me up this time!"

*Luke couldn't handle waiting for Henry to wake up, so after a little while we agreed to get him up. But before we could get control of the situation, Luke RAN to his room, threw the door open, turned the light on, and started telling Henry to get up. The poor thing didn't know what was going on!

*As usual, my mom & her husband came over very early on Christmas morning to be with us while the boys opened gifts. For breakfast, we made The Pioneer Woman's Baked French Toast with whipped cream (YUM!), bacon, and coffee.

*One of the first things Luke said when observing the gifts Santa brought was, "I wonder which one is my ice cream playdoh set?"  For the record, Santa came through. He spent most of his morning post-gifts playing with it.

*When Luke opened a toy shaving kit he's wanted for a year, he jumped up and said, "I wanted this my whole life!!!" Later when he tried using it, he was afraid that the shaving cream included was only for adults. Matt started putting it on him and he yelled, "No don't do it!!! I'm not old enough!"

*We made plans to stay home all day on Christmas because it's just too much dragging three kids around in the cold, especially when one of them is a newborn. So instead of making our usual rounds, my Dad came over to visit for lunch and open gifts. One of the coolest things was a set of kid's cooking tools he bought for Luke. He planned recipes to make with Luke that would use each tool, and the two of them spent the morning making yummy stuff together!

*For lunch, we had a spiral ham, corn casserole, roasted squash, melon salad, veggies and dip, and cheese fondue - our tradition!

christmas 043edit

*The boys spent most of the afternoon playing Disney Infinity. Luke getting his own video games was certainly a milestone! He loved it!

*Despite having colds and everything else we dealt with the week of Christmas, when it was time to start dinner I said, "Ya know, all things considered - this was a really great Christmas." Famous last words. Five minutes later, Luke threw up, and the norovirus hung our in our house for the next 2.5 days. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some?

As promised, here's a short video of some scenes from our holiday! It's choppy, I'm sorry - my camera automatically stops recording during videos lately (its newest trick!), so this is the kind of footage I get. Better than nothing for memory's sake!

I hope you made some wonderful holiday memories last month, too!

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