Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

With Jake still such a little guy, it's hard to embrace the holidays as much as we usually do. But that's okay - I'm really enjoying just having a fresh little newborn to hold onto all day as we watch the holidays unfold around us!

We were able to head to school for a while on Wednesday to watch the Thanksgiving program they do with the kids every year. It's just a cute little celebration with a few songs, and then some parents head back to the classroom to celebrate with a friendship feast. Luke is always an enthusiastic (and adorable) performer!

thanks1month 003crop

On Thanksgiving day, I wore my little guy through, eating, and even shopping! He was my constantly little companion. It was snowy this year, the big boys went to play outside with Daddy while I worked on my part of Thanksgiving dinner, and we made make your own pizzas for lunch when they came in.

This year's Thanksgiving dinner is brought to you by @boba 😊

As usual, we went to Nana & Papa's for dinner. Jake basically snoozed through it in my lap, but we all had fun and dinner was so good!

I've been making these weird celery things for Matt for the last 9 thanksgivings. I think they are mostly gross, and I don't understand them, but they make it feel like #thanksgiving to him, they are 😋

Ohh man, mama's milk had too much turkey in it 😴

My sleepy little guy even braved Black Friday in the carrier with me - we spent hours in Target with Aunt Mallory while he just happily slept and nursed. Such a holiday trooper!

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