Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween was a different experience for us, this year! Since I was only 6 days out of surgery (and 2 days home from the hospital!), and Jake was only 6 days old, we knew that walking around to trick or treat was not exactly possible for the two of us. I also couldn't handle getting up and going to the door repeatedly for trick or treaters. So we decided that my mom would come and help me at my house, and Matt would take the boys to his parent's neighborhood.

This also ended up being the Halloween when we learned that no one trick or treats at hour house! It makes sense - we live on a busy road, with no sidewalks, and very few kids - but we'd actually never stayed home on Halloween to see how few kids came. The answer is zero! We had some left over candy eating to do :)

The boys dressed as the Avengers this year - complete with a little sleepy hulk ;)

halloween2013 042edit

halloween2013 040edit

halloween2013 045

halloween2013 055edit

halloween2013 062

halloween2013 068edit

halloween2013 085

Hulk needs a nap! #babysfirsthalloween #halloween #baby #hulk #avengers #babyjakobjames

6 days old and playing the part of Hulk so well 😜 #babyjakobjames

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