Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Favorites

I cannot believe that we are at the tail end of October already! The last two months have just flown, and I am really not complaining because I'm ready to no longer be pregnant! But I'm also sad that the fall is zipping by so quickly. I've been trying really hard to embrace the fall-ness around me - here's what I've been loving the most!

Lorde's Pure Heroine Album
If you're looking for a new album to get into - I recommend this one! I love her sound - I just adore it. It's got that Indie, strong female vibe to it. I'd first heard Royals months ago (seriously, I think it was Spring?) and I got lost trying to find out who sang it. I figured it out when they started playing it on the radio, and when I turned to itunes to download the single, I fell for her whole album. I cannot believe she is 16, though! I never would have guessed it! It's such a good album for fall, and there's a mix of mellow songs and feel good, makes you wanna bop around and sing in the car songs. It's goooood!

I haven't shipped a couple so hard since Patrick and Robin (known as Scrubs to GH fans). Now that Nick and Jess (from New Girl, of course!) are finally together, I am so, so enjoying watching their relationship become something. I love it, and the show hasn't lost any of it's hilarity or entertainment factor by allowing them to be together. I've been searching for spoilers constantly - it's a good time to be a New Girl fan! Though, yeah, I'm bracing myself for the imminent break up. It is TV, after all.

Peanut Butter Cups
This is officially becoming the number 1 craving of this pregnancy. I actually allowed my husband to go on a peanut butter cup mission at a nearby drug store in the middle of the day, between other plans. I usually tell him not to spend energy indulging my silly cravings, but I definitely let this one happen. At least there's some protein in the peanut butter, right? I also snuck a bag of them into my collection of necessities on a stop at the store recently. And one day, I wanted one SO BAD but didn't have any, so I MADE one. Yeah, seriously. I melted down chocolate chips and formed a peanut butter cup in a little glass dish, scooping a ton of peanut butter between the layers. I froze it to set it up faster, and ate it with a spoon. No regrets. I also discovered the glory of Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and YEP - you need to get some of those!

Fairway Solitaire
My husband introduced this game to me after one of the kids discovered it. I didn't think much of it until I saw him playing it ALL THE TIME - and then I saw his mom playing it all the time, so when I got my hands on the ipad (which happens so infrequently - I'm a laptop girl) I decided to give it a try. My youngest kept flipping cards and not letting me actually play the game, so I downloaded it myself on my phone and OH MAN - I was instantly hooked. The great thing about it is that you don't need to ask friends for "tickets" or whatever else to move forward in the game. You just get to play it, and it's so addictingly fun. You don't have to care or know anything about golf to play it - if you get the concept behind Solitaire, you're golden. Remember when computers came with this those Solitaire game packs and you could play a bunch of different versions, and that was pretty much all you did on the computer? Before the internet is what is now? I LOVED THOSE! So, I'm a big fan. Try it out if you're looking for a fun game that won't bug your friends!

Sally Hansen's Wined Up + Sun Kissed (though, not together!)
Ya know, I just....can't do a favorite things post and not include some nail polish! The orange might look a little obnoxious, but I got it as a gift and Luke picked it out for me to paint my toes. I like the idea of having orange toe nails this month, being October and all! And while my toes don't get as much viewing anymore (back to sock season!), I always think it's a festive little surprise when I see them. Which isn't often, because my belly is pretty large! My favorite for my fingers lately is Wined Up, which I mentioned last month. I used it all fall long last year, and re-bought a bottle for this year. It's already gotten two uses, so it's well on its way to being a favorite this year, too!

Little Boys in Muscled Halloween Costumes
I mean, come on.

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