Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing: Fall 2013 Bow Cozies on Love Forward!

Shop for bow cozies at loveforward.etsy.com

It's been quite a while since I've worked on my etsy shop, and the reason for that is 100% my pregnancy. Oof...it's been a rough one, guys. 

Creating for the holiday season was one of my very favorite things last year, though, and I really wanted to be a part of it again. Not to mention all the fun fall and holiday yarns I've been playing with for weeks - yes, please!

After weeks of crocheting my heart out (and nudges from a few admirers!), I've come up with 12 brand new love forward bow cozy styles for fall, and another 6 for the holiday season! Yeah, that's 18 different styles to chose from! Your coffee is going to be the belle of the ball. Or, of Target. ;)

The first round of my fall collection - Hello, Autumn - is being released TODAY! There are six styles included in this round, check them out!

Want one? Or six? Use code HELLOAUTUMN13 and take 10% off your order!
This offer is only good TODAY, so take advantage while you can!

There are three MORE styles that will be introduced on Friday, and if you happen to be a Buffalo hockey fan - you might be particularly interested in a couple of them, hint hint ;)


I decided to debut them today as well! I thought I'd hang onto the Sabres cozies in honor of our home opening game on Friday, but I just couldn't help it - I want to share them now!

Eek! Do you love them?! I do! ;)

The final fall release will happen sometime in mid-October, and then it's onto holiday styles! So keep your eyes open, friends! There's new things coming all the time!

Which one is your favorite? I'm dying to know! 

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  1. My favorite is the little gold one! This reminds me of my pattern for these headbands. http://sewmuchtosay.blogspot.com/2012/10/diy-knotted-headband.html What pattern do you use for your bows?

    Amanda Rose