Saturday, October 12, 2013

Packing the hospital bag for baby (with Gussy Sews!)

A couple weeks ago, I had this crazy (clearly hormone-fueled) dream about being completely unprepared for this baby's arrival. I somehow made it all the way to October 25th without packing a single thing for the hospital or even arranging childcare for my kids during our stay. I am far too meticulous for this to ever come close to reality, but the dream was so real - I even felt the gut-wrenching panic when I realized (in dream land) that I'd slept through my scheduled c-section and had to shave my legs in the car on the way to the hospital, hoping they'd still "fit us in". Yikes. I shudder at the thought of being that under-prepared. 

Clearly, I was starting to stress about the lack of time we had left to get everything done because I woke up from that dream around 5am - as stressed as if it had been real, ready to pack everything - right down to my toothbrush. Matt promised me we would complete our (short) baby shopping list and get as packed as we could that week. 

Since the hospital bag was high on my priority list, I started tackling my tasks by making a "to pack" list. The first change I made this time around is what I was going to pack everything in. For my two previous pregnancies, I'd brought a big tote bag to the hospital - one that had plenty of pockets to stick random things. It did fit everything, but it didn't close, and because I can't really get up and make my way to my bag for the first couple days, everything ends up unorganized and spilling out of the top of it while my husband digs around for things. Plus, while I knew which pocket held each thing I needed, trying to explain where things were ("That pocket on the right on the inside of the bag"..."Okay, try the small one on the outside") was frustrating for both of us. So I took a tip from the hospital's website, and designated our smallest suitcase to the task.

There are obviously some things I can't pack yet (mama still needs to put on deodorant!), so I went down my list and packed the things I wouldn't miss. Then, to make up for the lack of pockets, keep things organized, AND make it easier for my husband to sort through, I made room for each of my bigger Gussy Sews pouches to hold misc things. Each one has it's own job, which will make things SUPER easy for us. Matt can grab me the whole pouch for whatever I need at that moment, and it will be easy to figure out which ones will contain specific items. I planned it like this:

Fancy Dot Chambray Large Pouch (No longer in the shop): My "nursing" kit - I packed 5 pairs of nursing pads, a bottle of lanolin, and my chapstick in here - I know that seems silly, but I wanted it kept somewhere I'd be using constantly since I use my chapstick approximately 35 times a day ;)  I can easily keep this out on the tray of my hospital bed and not only use it all day long, but I get to look at a ca-ute Gussy!

Pink Houndstooth Wristlet (No longer in the shop) - My toiletries bag. This holds all of my travel shower/hygiene items.

Grey Raindrops Wristlet (No longer in the shop) - My make up bag. I'm not trying to look photoshoot-ready, or anything - but I would rather not look like a zombie in all the pictures with my little newbie! Everything fits so well in here, including my full-size moisturizer!

Fancy Dot Peaches Medium Zip Pouch - I'm using this one to hold all of our little "extra" necessities like our cell phone chargers, USB chords for the laptop/camera, and pens.

So what to do with all of the last-minute, still-need-to-use it things? 

I came up with a new system for that, too. Being overly nervous that I wouldn't have the time or clarity to pack all that's left, or that my husband couldn't handle doing it for me should I go into labor early, I used an index card system to make note of what still needs to be added. Each pouch got its own index card listing what's missing. So I can easily check each card while I'm packing up the night before the hospital to make sure I don't forget anything. And my husband can even make sure everything gets included and put in the right place should the need arise. 

Curious about what I packed? Here was my list:

Clothes for me
Yoga/lounge pants (2)
Camis (2-3)
A cardi
A zipper hoodie
A long-sleeved maternity shirt
Socks (3-4 pair)
Underwear (3 pair)
Sports/Nursing bras (2-3)
Abdominal binder (just in case they don't give me a new one this time)

Clothes and necessities for baby
Onesies (2-3)
Sleepers (1-2, our hospital prefers babies stay in their clothes until the last night/day)
Hats (2-3)
Socks (4 pair)
Outfit for newborn pictures
Going home outfit
Pre-sterilized pacifiers
Burp Cloths (2-3)
Receiving blanket or 2
A heavier blanket for the car seat
Boppy and extra cover
Car seat with infant insert

Travel shampoo and conditioner
Travel bar of soap
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Travel hairspray
Travel tissues
Hair ties, bobby pins, stretchy headbands
Hair brush
Nail file
Prenatal vitamins

Make Up
Powder and brush
Blush and brush
Single Eye Shadow

Nursing Kit
Nursing Pads (5 pair)
Nursing Cover

Cell phones and chargers
Laptop and charger
Camera (pre-charge battery)
USB chord
Sleeping bag and pillow for Matt
Snacks (for when the kitchen is closed)

And yes, this all fits in a small pilot suit case!
(Ya know, aside from the Boppy, sleeping bag and pillow!)

I'm so thrilled that we are so prepared now, and what's left to do will be so easy and quick! It's all so organized, and it should be really easy to keep it all in order during our hospital stay! This should stop the nightmares ;)

Note: The Gussy Sews shop has transitioned to The Gussy Club (a subscription service), but they occasionally have pop-up sales of their items. If the links don't bring you to Gussy Sews products and you were hoping to scoop some up, keep checking back :)

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  1. What a cute way to organize this little adventure! It is funny how you describe your husband trying to help but not knowing the way you organized things. This happens with my man and I with things all the time. It is a topic that most pre-hospital baby delivery posts probably don't talk about!

    Amanda Rose