Friday, October 18, 2013

BuffaloMommies Trunk or Treat '13

Trunk or Treat was early enough in the month that we were all able to attend as a family - any later and I might not have made it with this giant belly of mine :)

My little Iron Man & Captain America were serious about candy collecting...

Iron Man & Captain America = BFFs 😄 #bromance #brothers #lukeyj #hippojames

They wasted no time hitting up the trunks for their goodies! It was HOT on the pavement that day, so we ended up flying through the trunks pretty quickly before grabbing lunch from the food trucks and having a picnic in the van.

fallTOT 038edit

fallTOT 039edit

fallTOT 040edit

fallTOT 041

fallTOT 044edit

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