Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's In My Purse?

1. What is your favorite handbag you've ever owned?
Eek, I'm not sure! Maybe my pink bucket Dooney & Burke. Matt bought it for me on our 1 year anniversary - back when we weren't broke parents ;)

2. What is your dream handbag you lust over?
I used to have much more intense purse lust, usually for Dooney & Burke and Coach, but I'm kind of over it. Target, Vera Bradley, and Gussy Sews are pretty much all I shop, now. Once in a while I'll find something at New York & Company. I really wanted a VB Hipster for like 2 years, and I just got one for my birthday, so my biggest wish in recent times has already been realized :)

3. What are the daily essentials in your purse or work bag?
I use a Vera Bradley wristlet instead of a wallet so that I can easily just loop it on my arm and run in somewhere, so that's always in there. I also always have chapstick, Purell, travel tissues, a pen, wipes, and a diaper or two. I also usually have gum, and once in a while a toy or snack for the kids.

4. What’s in your purse (with pictures)?
Right now my go-to is my Hipster, but I sometimes switch it out for one of my GS wristlets depending on my outfit. In my hipster right now is.....

1. My Vera Bradley wristlet "wallet"

2. A Gussy Sews medium pouch that I'm using to hold my sunglasses

3. An Ania Jane card wallet that I use as a business card holder - I always have it on me for homemade shops I adore, because I often wear their stuff & people ask me where I got them! I keep doctor appointment cards in here, too.

4. Chapstick Medicated. I have like 4 tubes of this at a time - it's the only way ;)

5. A diaper. Mom and all.

6. A baggie of wipes. My husband lost my wipes case, and I have been too lazy to buy a new one!

7. Some travel tissues.

8. Purell. I have the Bath & Body Works thingy on the outside, and a back up inside. Yep, pseudo-germaphobe - having kids has done this to me.

9. A pen

10. A nail file

11. A comb for my boys' messy hair

I've been happy to travel a little lighter lately, but soon enough we'll be back in the newborn phase, and I'm sure my daily bag contents will increase by quite a bit!


  1. I have to have lip balm in my handbag. It's a must.

  2. I love Vera Bradley hipsters and Ribbons is my favorite pattern!