Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Top 5 Best New Girl Moments

WARNING: I'm about to get alllll fangirl on ya!

Do you know what tonight is?! Season 3 of New Girl, friends! It might as well be Christmas!

I won't tell you that I've seen every episode 3-4 times, or that I've watched every second of the extra features on Season 1's DVD, or that Season 2 is on my Christmas wishlist, and I certainly won't tell you that I've wasted hours reading New Girl fanfic because, that would just be embarrassing. Instead, in honor of tonight's season premier, I'll share with you my very favorite, Top 5 New Girl Moments. This is, of course, a difficult task, because I love every minute of every episode (if you don't know who Schmidt is, you need to get started). But I hope these will inspire a bit of New Girl love in your TV hearts. Enjoy ;)

5. Fitties & Hunnits.

4. How big is it? Seriously? Seriously?!

3. The end scene from "First Date"
This is lame, but I could not find a video of this anywhere! It's episode 21 of season 2 if you want to watch it. The tension between them as they say goodnight is hot! You've gotta see it.

2. Helium condolences. 
It still makes me laugh, every time!

1. The kiss. Duh. 
Sorry for the fan-made video, Fox took the official clip down, boo!

Happy Season 3 Day!!!!

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  1. OMG, I totally LOOOOOVE this show! They really have such a great dynamic, all of the characters. Schmitty is always my favorite though. His lines always crack me up. It's also one of the few shows I can watch with my boyfriend (who has an enormous crush on Zooey. I mean, who doesn't??)