Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Month Til Baby Wish List!

Guess what today is!

If all goes according to plan, baby #3 will be here 1 MONTH FROM TODAY! YAY!!!

And oh, this Mama is so very excited to meet her new squish! Despite everything we have going on lately, I've been thinking about this baby so very much. And while it's sometimes just mushy lovey-dovey excitement, I've also been nesting like a crazy person and working overtime to make sure we're all prepared for him!

Since I have absolutely everything I already need for this baby - from clothes, to gear, to furniture, to the nursery - there is very little I want/need this time. Where we're storing all of that for this little guy is another question entirely, but I don't want to stress about that now! I do, however, have a couple of things I would LOVE to have for this little guy, and so I've got a little wish list going. It's all bit nicer than I would have wished for with my first two babies, but I'm getting to the point where I'm kind of a career mom, and it makes sense to me to have the good stuff!

One of my dreams came true for my birthday in August, and I was able to order my DREAM stroller! On its way to me now is this gorgeous City Mini Double stroller!

You guys, I am so, so excited! We rented one of these during our trip to Orlando last year (but it was a 2011, and purple) and it was a DREAM! It rides so smoothly, and despite being a double stroller, it fits through doors of all sizes, elevators, even crowded aisles in stores! It folds up extremely simply and easily, and...I could go on and on about it but I'll stop there, or this post will turn into a big homage to the City Mini :)

Because this work of art is now in my arsenal, there are a few things I need to go with it!

1. Universal Parent Console.
This awesome contraption fits all strollers made by the company that makes the city mini. The one we rented in Orlando had it, and it was FABULOUS! It gives you a spot for a drink, and two little close-able storage compartments for snacks, toys, keys, phones, whatever. One of the compartments is even insulated like a tiny cooler! It's only $30, and considering the cost of the stroller, TOTALLY worth it. Even if I end up having to ask for this one for Christmas. It seems like a no-brainer.

2. Baby Jogger Double Belly Bar
This might seem pointless to some, but looking back at the picture of the stroller, it seems like it would feel a bit safer for a smaller baby to ride with a little something extra holding them in. Some babies like to lean forward and explore everything coming at them (like a puppy with his nose sticking out of the car window!), and this lets them do that. You can also clip toys and and sippy cups leashes onto it, so it's pretty useful, too! These run about $35.

3. Baby Jogger Child Tray
And since I'm hoping to get the belly bar, I'd love to have one of these inexpensive child trays that can hold a cup, snack, or toy. It'll be great for Henry's use for now, and eventually the baby will get a lot out of it, too. It's only about $16 on amazon!

4. Baby Jogger Chicco Keyfit Infant Seat Adapter
This thingy is an adapter for the Chicco Keyfit Infant seat, which is the car seat we have. I figure that it may come in handy, possibly, but I don't feel like I need this totally. I may end up wishing I had it at some point, so I can plop a sleeping baby into the stroller right in his car seat, but that would be the rare occasion. I liked wearing Henry for the first 18 months, so I probably don't NEED it.

5. A 3G Boba (3rd Generation, it's not connected to the internet LOL). I am so in love with my Boba, and I could certainly use it for another year+ without a problem, but the 3G has some improvements that I'm really in love with. It has better measurements that support breastfeeding (something I did all the time in my current Boba, but it was difficult at times - I would LOVE to see how the new design supports it better, I'm really excited about that!), it can support babies from 7lbs and up without any newborn adapters (and my babies are 9+ at birth so I could use it from birth on! The old ones required babies to be 13lbs so I had to use something else until H was big enough), and it has storage pockets! My old one didn't. It also still has the feet stirrups for older kids, and the sleeping hood. It's a nicer version of the one I already have. I think I'd probably get it in the Glacier color (most gender neutral, easiest resale, Dad-friendly), and that runs $120.

6. A New Baby Monitor. And if I'm getting lofty, a video one.
We have two sets of baby monitors, and they are both terrible. One is super old, and a hand me down from my nephew (who is, um...ten?) and it makes incredibly annoying beeping sounds all night. The other one is newer, but the cheapest one we could find at the drug store when we needed one last minute, and it NEVER stays on the right channel. It picks up radio stations! And it's so loud, I can't even hear Henry in it. So, needless to say, we haven't been using monitors for a while. I want to throw them both out and get a nicer one that isn't going to keep us up all night with static and beeps and weird Spanish talk shows. My sister has a video monitor, and MAN would I love one! I'd be willing to get this used, too. The baby will room with us for the first 6 or so months, anyway, so it's not an immediate need. And truthfully, I COULD live without it, because the baby's room is always right next to ours, and it shares a closet with our room (I don't know why, but it's open to both sides) so it's very easy to hear commotion in there. And I'm betting with an attached, breastfeeding, part-time co-sleeping newborn, he won't be in there overnight until 8-9 months, anyway (like Henry was). Unless he is a picky baby and doesn't let me have my way in that regard! :)

That's it! Ta daaaaa. Maybe a couple pacifiers. The end.

What dream items did you have for your little ones?

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  1. We rented the City Mini Double Stroller when we were in Disney last year. We LOVED it. I kinda got stroller envy after that...