Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's My SITS Day, Hurray!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

I have been waiting for this day almost as long as I've been waiting for my million dollar check from the lottery (that I've never won) to arrive in the mail, and it's finally HERE! Still waiting on that check, though. Bummer.

I'm so flabbergasted that I don't even know where to begin, and I just said flabbergasted! Yikes!

Let's see. I'm Jenn, and I'm 29 (and always will be). I am married to an incredible man, Matt, that was clearly made for me, because he loves my quirks, and that's kind of a miracle. Together we have 3 boys - Lukas (4), Henry (2), and Mr. Fetus (Unborn). Mr. Fetus will be here in 5 short weeks, at which point he will have a much more attractive name. I really hope that you'll stick around to meet him! His arrival will be closely timed with Halloween, so there you go, your heads up to get on ordering those kiddos' costumes just happened. You're welcome.

I am a work at home mom, and I love each & every one of my jobs. In addition to Mommy-ing, I am the Advertising Coordinator for Gussy Sews (I know you've heard of Gussy and the fabulous work she does. Do you love her ruffles as much as I do?). I'm also the Member Relations Manager for a branch of The Mommies Network called, which is a fabulous resource for Moms in all walks of life.

I'm a bit of a hobby hoarder, so if you're into something, I probably am, too.

I don't get a whole lot of free time between the dirty dishes and diapers, but this blog of mine is one of my favorite ways to relax, express myself, and make bloggy friends. Truly - I love to chat and connect with people that are floating around in similar life boats, so I sincerely hope that you will reach out and let me know who YOU are, too! My posts are a general lifestyle mish-mash - some are humorous, some are emotionally sincere, and some are fluffy. I write about motherhood quite a bit - all bits & pieces of it. I post some crafts, recipes, seasonal things, and baby/toddler/preschooler stuff as well. But I never forget about myself! I'll fill you in on my favs each month, answer some random questions for the Sunday Social each week, and let you know what's going in the small part of my brain that hasn't been eaten by the Mommy gene. So, there's something for everyone!

Some of my favorite recent posts:

- Recaps of my 29th Birthday & Our First Day of School - I love real-life stuff like this.
- Oh, how he blesses me - a reflection on my Husband's love & our relationship.
- Fall Family Fun To Do List - Fall is my fav, and lists make me giddy. Match made in heaven!

I also have some fun stuff coming up, including some quick & easy "Mommy School" lesson ideas, music that puts me in the Fall mood (I'm particularly excited for this post!), and did ya hear - I'm having a baby next month! I've got a bunch of pregnancy/birth/baby stuff planned in honor of that, and if you stick around long enough, you'll get to meet my newest squishy newborn! I'm also doing this crazy 30 things by 30 years thingy, and that's been pretty fun to keep up with, so it'd be fun if you follow along! I'd be so very honored if you stuck around and followed me on Bloglovin' and/or Instagram so you can witness it all in action. Let's be friends - - really!

If you're interested, you can read a bit more about my loves in life on my About Me page, or click around on my labels in the sidebar to read whatever tickles your fancy. Or floats your boat. Or butters your biscuit. Or pops your corn. Or tickles your pickle. Okay, we've gone too far. Whoops.

Thanks again for visiting, and I really hope you'll stick around! :)


  1. Congratulations on your SITS Day! I hope its a good one!

  2. Yeah for you! Enjoy your day! I hope it is wonderful!
    The Adored Home

  3. Happy SITS Day to you!

    I'm glad my husband appreciates my quirks as well.

  4. Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it's a fabulous day for you.

  5. Congrats on your SITS Day.

    I'm going to look at your family fun to do list.

    Have a great day :)

  6. Congrats on your SITS Day! I'm now following nice to meet another "crafting" and "coffee drinking" mom. My neighbor said I was crazy the other day because of the things I'm into (a WAHM to 3 kids, planning our daughter's 9th birthday party, decorating for Fall, DIY home remodeling and creating a menu for our first annual beer tasting party!)

    But you know the saying, if you want something done, ask a busy person! Hope you have a great day, I would be super excited too!

  7. Hey there Jen and congratz on your SITS day! I'm new to the SITS Girls site as well and happy to meet new people! You have a fun blog and can't wait to read more!

    My name is Kim and I'm an almost 40 year old mom of 3 (12 ,20 & 23) and gramma of 2! I float around in that same boat as you!

    Kim in {and out of} the Kitchen
    Oh, How Sweet! Cupcakery & Cookie Bakery

  8. Blogging since 2001, that's amazing! You have a great blog. I almost wish I was a young mom again so I can do all the things you do with your kids. ALMOST. Now my kids are grown and I have grandbabies. My newest is due around the first of November. Looking forward to that. I hope you're having a great SITS day. Have a blessed day!

  9. I hope you have a fabulous SITS day! Congrats on the bundle of joy on the way! I love the name "Mr. Fetus". I can't wait to see what you all name him when he arrives! :)

  10. Happy SITS day! And congratulations on Mr. Fetus. I will definitely be dropping by to see pictures because like most, I'm a sucker for newborns : )

  11. Happy SITS Day, I hope it is wonderful. So great to meet you, you have my laughing at some of your descriptions in your post. I love your witty writing! I love that your third little one is temporarily being called Mr. Fetus. Congratulations on such an amazing blessing!

  12. Congrats on your SITS day! So nice to meet you, and best wishes for Mr. Fetus!

  13. Congrats on your SITS day and on your soon and upcoming arrival.

  14. Congrats on being featured blogger today, you sound so busy! Enjoy your day in the spotlight :)

  15. Happy SITS day!! I am now following you! Our lives sound pretty similar...except for the pregnancy part. I had our last 9 months ago :)

  16. Happy SITS Day! I hope it is an amazing one for you! :)

    Congrats on the upcoming baby! :) I hope that all goes well with the birth and delivery. My sister-in-law just gave birth to her 4th little girl this morning! :)

  17. You sound so awesome! Seriously, I wish you were my neighbor right ;)It appears that we have much in common so I'd love to stay connected with you! I'm a 30 year-old mother of three (including a set of twins) and I currently stay home, but I was formerly a public school teacher. I like to post a lot of the same kinds of things you listed here on my blog as well. I hope you'll come check it out and follow me back on my social media outlets. Thanks!!

    Desert Momma

  18. Congratulations on the new baby! I'm excited for you. I am also excited to keep up with your ideas for fall. While I LOVE summer, I do enjoy fall, especially fall decorating!

  19. Happy SITS Day. Always enjoy meeting another blogger who loves to read. I enjoyed reading your book posts.

  20. Happy SITS Day! You are very sassy, I can tell! LOL...great blog, even if you do it between dishes and diapers ;)

  21. You have such an adorable blog here. My head is spinning reading about the many different hats you wear, but congrats on keeping it all together! Also, best of luck with baby #3 (I totally chuckled at Mr. Fetus. And yes, I hope you think of something... uhm, different? By the time he makes his presence known).


    Happy SITS day!