Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello, 29.

You know, there's one very wonderful perk of being the only girl in a house full of boys - you get to be the queen! And they worship you as if you were true royalty. So when a day like my birthday rolls around, I end up spoiled and pampered in the sweetest of ways - and my boys certainly didn't disappoint this year!

On Saturday morning, we started out the day with birthday hugs and kisses from all, and if there's a better way to start a birthday, I'm not interested! My boys love a birthday, so they went out of their way to let me know it was my special day. Luke kept telling me, "You can pick whatever you want today!" I opened two cards that I'd gotten from family and saved for the day of, went through our usual morning routines, and then got the family ready for a trip to the farmer's market. Truthfully, I wasn't really feeling up to it (3rd Trimester blahs), but the market is in my hometown and I'll take any chance to go visit. Plus, this is the time of year when gardens are overflowing and the market is stuffed with local homegrown goodies, and I was hoping to find one more round of cherries before they're completely gone for the season (no such luck). After the trip to the market, Matt dropped me & Henry off at home and took Luke out for a "secret mission". When they got back, Luke came in carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers that was as big as he is! And oh, my, goodness, are they gorgeous!

Before I was even done getting them into a vase, Matt came up from the basement with gifts. My kids got me an adorable Elmo card (I love when they pick things like that for me!), and Matt gave me the Very Bradley Hipster I have wanted for 2 years now, in Ribbons! Yay! When I was finished opening everything, he said.."And, there's one more gift." I looked around and didn't see anything, and Luke kind of gasped and he started looking around, too (I told ya, he's a birthday junkie!). The last gift was that he's going to make up the difference on my dream stroller that I've been saving for! What!!!


Feeling absolutely blessed and loved, I accepted another round of big birthday hugs and kisses, which is when Matt said, "We love our Mommy, don't we boys?" - and I never felt more lucky.

Armed with Target gift cards from my Dad & sister, I decided that a little birthday shopping would be fun. My boys humored me, and off we went. Being that it was a celebration, Matt got them a big pretzel from the snack bar, and you would have thought it was a cake the way they were excited for it! They enjoyed their snack while I stared at the racks. I was overjoyed to see the dollar spot at 50% off (seriously, helloooo), and I happily replaced some of my make up products I was running low on. I was more than happy to score some fall Essie, too...though my wish list in that department is still fairly long ;)  For now, I scooped up Mochacino & Mint Candy Apple. And for real - how cute are those magnets?! They were only $.50!


When we got home, we all ate lunch and then put the boys down for their naps. Matt and I got in some much needed cuddle time, and it was hard to get myself moving again. I had to get ready for our dinner out (which I looked forward to all week long!), but, ladies - is there anywhere more comfortable and happy feeling than being in the crook of your husband's arm, with your head on his chest? I think not.

After I threw an outfit together that didn't make feel like a parade float, we met my mom for dinner at an old favorite - Pane's. I needed to get my birthday french onion soup, and there's is simply the best! I had a fantastic dinner of my big, melty bowl of soup, followed by artichoke and asiago topped filet mignon and broccoli, and an ultra-indulgent dessert of chocolate peanut butter pie and a decaf coffee. Ahhhh, I started out my first dinner as a 29 year old the happy way!


The boys were fabulously well-behaved, too! They both ate their dinners really well, and earned scoops of ice cream for dessert. And they both got many compliments from people saying how great and well behaved they were. They may have even charmed the hats off some little old ladies. How could they not, with those smiles, and cheeks, and dimples? But I know, I'm biased.

I waddled back to our van, and smiled the whole way home. I spent the evening watching my boys while they played some Ninja Turtles on the Xbox, and then gave my babies extra kisses goodnight when we tucked them in. Matt and I snuggled up in bed as sleep set in, and I remember saying through groggy, drooping eye lids that I wanted to watch TV because I wasn't ready for my birthday to be over. Sleep won the battle in the end (darn you, 3rd trimester!), but I fell asleep a happy, blessed, and grateful girl. 

Before I go, I just want to remind have until tomorrow to enter my birthday Giveaway! I hope you'll enter so I can give one of you a gift, too! 

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