Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun with Google Calendar!

I'm not going to school you on how to use Google Calendar, because I'm sure most of you already know how! Though I doubt yours is quite as colorful and loaded as mine. I'm a little bit in love/obsessed with all that Google Calendar can do, so it's a little overwhelming to look at mine.

A couple months ago, I re-organized my calendar and explored some of its extra features. I had no idea that some of these things existed, so I was really excited to add them. The great thing is, once you add them, you can click a little box to turn them on and off if they get in the way and you need things to look a little more simple. Check it out!

To access all of these fun calendars, look in the margin on the left-hand side and click on the little drop-down arrow next to "Other calendars". This little window will pop up, and the on you want to select is "Browse Interesting Calendars".

The first one I'm showing you is really simple, and something everyone can enjoy! I always find myself wanting to know when certain holidays are going to happen so that I can make plans. It's really not that hard to open up Google and type in the holiday in question, because it pops up instantly in a big font, and viola, done. But THIS is even cooler, because you can simply add the calendar of holidays you're interested in following (you can see that I've added US Holidays), and not only are they on your calendar already when you're making plans, but if you have your calendar synced on your iPhone, a tap or two on your app is all it takes to see when things are happening! They have some specific religious options too, if you want to know when all the Saints Days are and stuff like that! All you have to do is scroll to the Holidays calendar you want and click on Subscribe on the right.

Next up is sports! I follow Hockey, specifically, but my husband follows almost everything. We usually try to make plans around when our hometowns are playing, and would you believe - I used to go in and manually enter every Hockey & Football game into my calendar for easy access. And yeah, it's the giant task it sounds like! I was over the moon about finding these calendars, because a few clicks later, I was done! And since it's so easy to turn them on and off, I don't have to see the clutter of every single game on my calendar - unless I want to!

All you have to do is click on the Sports tab at the top. Find the sport you want to add, and click.

Next, find the league your team plays in and click. This will bring you to a list of all of the teams in your league (so I looked in the NHL under Hockey). I scrolled to our team (Go Sabres!) and then just clicked Subscribe on the right. That's it! All of their games are now on my calendar!

I also added my Contact's birthdays (which don't really show much for me, I suspect they have to fill that out on Google+ in order for it to show up), and the Day of the Year (because, I'm nerdy?). Those are the only calendars that I added (there's enough on there already, trust me!), but if you click on the "More" tab, you'll see that there's all kinds of things you can add! That's only a small screen shot of the list. Whatever you like to track, there's an easy way to do it!

Now heading back to your calendar, you can see that the extra calendars I added now show up under "Other calendars". From here, you can go into the drop box for each one and change the color they show up as, adjust reminders and notifications, and more. And see the little colored box in front of each of the calendar names? Like the little blue one in front of where it says Buffalo Sabres? All it takes is one click of that to make those events go away. You can see an example of how I've turned off other calendars under "My calendars" and their boxes now show as empty. Clicking those will add them back in.

I hope these extra little calendars help you out as much as they've helped me! If you need any help adding them, or even have questions about how to organize your calendar, I'd be happy to help! Shoot me an email at daintyrevelations (at)!

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  1. I knew about adding contact's birthdays, but I didn't realize that the other functions you shared were available. I'm looking forward to playing on my Google calendar now!