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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Cute Personalized Card with!

My Dad just turned 50 yesterday (and I'm telling you because I think that's pretty young for a Grandfather of 4 - I don't think he'd be embarrassed!), so it was perfect timing that I discovered CardStore just in time to make his birthday card. I loved the idea of making him something personalized with his Grandson's pictures on it so it would be a little extra-special, and worthy of holding onto! I made a card like this for my husband for Father's Day a few years ago, and he loved it (and still has it!).

First of all, how adorable is their site? It's so cute! I love the bright colors and the fun fonts - there is something about a professional website that isn't afraid to show a little "real life" that I just love!

The site is really simple to use, and I thought, pretty self-explanatory. It was easy to find exactly what I was looking for! First I clicked on Birthday, then Milestone, and sorted them to show all of the 50th Birthday cards they had. I was almost sold on this cute blue & yellow one, but I didn't have a recent perfect picture of both of my kids to add to it.

So I looked around some more, and decided to check out the cards under Grandfather, which I found by sorting by recipient. I found one that had room for two different pictures, was meant for a Grandfather (though really, you could alter the front to be for anyone!), and looked masculine enough to give to my Dad.

And then came the fun part! Once I clicked on "make your card", it brought me to their editor. I had to make a few adjustments, and then add a personal message to the inside. My first order of business was to make the fonts and wording on the front a little more casual to fit my style - and the way we'd converse with my Dad. This was super simple to do!

Here you can see that I was messing around with fonts and such, and it's set up in an extremely easy-to-use format. Anyone could do this!! I bet my 4 year old would even find it easy and fun! The bar on the top of the editor lets you know what part of the card you're working on and what comes next. And as you can see, you can save it at any point, and even access help if you need it!

Next, I had to add pictures. I wanted to use some from the first day of school, because they were the most recent and my kids looked purty darn cute that day, if I do say so myself! I didn't have a great vertical one of Luke to use, so I crossed my fingers as I plopped this picture in. I'm so excited to show you this screen shot, because look at the ghost of the original photo. You can easily zoom in and move it around to get a perfect crop! And the picture still looked great! Oh, and another fun fact? You can pull pictures RIGHT from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox! I have all of these, and pictures flood each one of them, so it was really cool to grab one that was all ready to go instead of having to upload them directly! I love this!

When the front looked good, I clicked on the icon for "inside" (back on that top bar) and added our personal message. When I was finished, it guided me through a quick approval process where I had to approve the front, inside, and back of my card before I moved on to ordering it. The whole thing took me a few minutes, tops!

And the shipping was super quick! It showed up in my mailbox 4 days earlier than they estimated it would (which was fabulous, since procrastinator me was a few days late getting this card ordered and it would have cut it close!). And by the way, it looked JUST as great in person! The picture quality was fantastic!

The cards seem to all be less than $4 (most of them seem to be $3.49), though I know you can get discounts if you're ordering multiple copies. Which is great for Christmas cards and birth announcements! It's such a great price for a sweet personalized card, considering how expensive cards can get in the stores - and they don't have your kiddos adorable faces on them! ;)

I was super impressed with the cleanliness and smoothness of their site, and I love their card options! Not only are their cards cute, you can chose to have them sent directly to the recipient when you're finished (for the cost of postage, one less step for you!), AND they even have a future send option! Which means you can go in ahead of time and order a card so you don't forget to send it! Sounds like something we could use in our chaotic lives!

If you know someone with a birthday coming up, I would definitely recommend using CardStore to send them something a little more special than the generic cards you'll find while you're doing your grocery shopping! ;)

I was compensated for the card I made for this review, but my opinions are my own! All screenshots were taken on, and all design components are their property. Thanks for the opportunity to explore your site, Cardstore!

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