Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Summer Memories

For the first time in a long time, I didn't have a seasonal bucket list this Summer. I didn't have a big list of Mommy School plans, or fun things I wanted to accomplish with my boys. I wasn't even sure I could handle this summer (and that ended up being a reasonable fear, because I barely did).

I've been pregnant for almost all of 2013. Since January 25th! And this has been, by far, the most difficult pregnancy for me. I have been so sick, and so riddled with terrible physical aliments, that I've barely been able to keep up with just - every day life. I was excited for warmer weather, but also nervous - knowing that it would probably make me feel worse (it has), so I decided to approach it with a "fly by the seat of my pants" method. I tend to operate that way, anyway, but Summer is dangerous because it's very easy to do a lot of nothing - lists usually help me along. But I just wasn't feeling up to it this year.

While I'm saying goodbye to summer now, wishing that I'd been up to doing more with my boys, I'm pleasantly surprised to see our pictures and realize that we actually did quite a bit! And while I hope my boys can look forward to more action-packed summers in the future, I'm still happy to have the few memories we did make this year. 

This Summer, we.....

  • Got a new playset in the back yard, that the boys love. And have spent endless hours on the swings as a result.
  • Had picnics - a few in the back yard, in the grass, on the "lemonade stand" part of the playset, and at playgrounds in our area.
  • Enjoyed more popsicles and ice cream stops than we should have.
  • Explored with water outside - in the water table, with watering cans, with a big cooler, in the kid's pool, in the big pool, with sprinklers, and the hose. These boys like their water!
  • Went camping, and had a blast despite two days of drizzle and temps in the 60's.
  • Had a memorial weekend picnic with our oldest friends, and had an awesome time.
  • Had more backyard camp fires than I can count - some on our own, some with family.
  • Took Luke to his first experiences with sports - T-ball and Soccer.
  • Had many meals on the backyard patio.
  • Went both Strawberry & Blueberry picking.
  • Went to the lake and the kids swam and rode jet-skis and tossed rocks in the water.
  • Watched a real, full-blown fireworks show on the 4th (the first time for both of my kids!).
  • Visited the Buffalo Zoo with our family from Arizona.
  • Played in the back yard a lot - on the playset, golfing, kicking balls around, practicing for t-ball and soccer, splashing in water, gathering sticks in the woods, picking apples from our tree to snack on, gardening, and more.
  • Threw a very Team Umizoomi 2nd Birthday party for Henry.
  • Helped Luke have a lemonade stand for the first time.
  • Went to the BuffaloMommies Summer Picnic, and a whole bunch of other birthday parties and BBQ's with family. 
  • Camped out in the living room, a few times.
  • Visited a few new parks.
  • Got crafty (and messy!) with paints, chalk (both indoor and out), markers, crayons, glitter and glue, stickers, googly eyes, water colors and more. 
And though I so, so wish we'd made our weekly trips to the library, attended more BuffaloMommies events, made more playdates with friends, visited even more new parks, and gone on a few more excursions - our list is still pretty full, all things considered.

Summer is admittedly not my favorite season, but it is usually full of some truly great memories, so it's always hard to say goodbye every year. Fall is my FAVORITE, though, and we have some extra special things to look forward to this year (like a new family member!) I'm ready to see what Fall brings our way.

What were some of your great Summer memories?

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  1. OUr summer was kind of blah... at least for me being in my crazy school program.. Thanks to family/friends and signing them up for things like summer dance and sleep away camp the girls still had a pretty fantastic time though!