Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Wish List

Do you know what August is?
It's Jenn month! Yes, it's true. This month is alllll mine. Claiming an entire birthday month is easy and fun to do when your birthday is on the very last day of the month. And when the members of your household enjoy playing along. (Luke kind of lives for birthdays!)
My anniversary just happened, too, though...so it really feels like the reasons to celebrate are endless in August. I always end up putting a wish list together at the start of the month that sort of lasts through the end of the year (through Christmas), because this is typically the only time of the year that I have spendable money. Being a stay at home mom isn't exactly financially lucrative. And thankfully, I am surrounded by people who recognize this, and want me to have a little something to play with once a year.  Guilt free shopping, FTW!
Here are the things that have caught my eye and I hope to scoop up for my birthday!

These Essie Polishes! ($8 each)
Top Row: Mint Candy Apple & Cocktail Bling
Bottom Row: Van d'go & Chinchilly


A Gussy Sews Wristlet ($29) - these two are my favorites!

A couple kitchen-y things
Mason Jar Mug from Target ($10) & a Cast Iron Skillet ($11)
Matt bought me an iron skillet for our iron (6th) anniversary! How cute is he?!

A Vera Bradley Hipster ($60) in either Ribbons (left) or Heather (right)


Some eBooks based on TV shows I love (guilty pleasures!).

The Douche Journals by Schmidt ($3)
The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli by Carolyn Hennesy ($11)
Love in Maine by Connie Falconeri ($3)
Maine Squeeze by Molly Langsing-Davis ($3)

Some adorable cardigans!

Mossimo Supply Co. Textured Boyfriend Cardigan from Target ($20)
Xhilaration Elbow Patch Cardigan from Target ($25)

How CUTE are those elbows?!
A hybrid of these two would be to die for, amiright?

Money towards this puppy!

This is my dream stroller...the City Mini Double. ($400 - eek!)
It's the only thing I really want for baby #3, and considering it's crazy price,
I'm fully expecting it to take my birthday, baby gifts, and Christmas combined,
plus selling our old junky one to make it happen. Fingers crossed!

Okay I lied. I also want this for baby #3.

It's the Boba 3G baby carrier in Glacier. ($120)
I have the older generation Boba and adore it, but would love to
upgrade! They adjusted things to make breastfeeding in it even
easier, added pockets, and you can use it with smaller babies.
I would LOVE this for baby #3, since I wore Henry in our old
one for a very large portion of his first 18 months! We love it!

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Autumn Sampler ($12.95 on pre-order)
Plus, some supplies for it (the fabric & floss!)
That's it for my wish list this year! I don't expect to end up with all of it, but I am going to drool over these pictures til my heart's content! What are you wishing for right now?

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