Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Favorites

Oh, August! I can't believe you're almost over! This has been a month full of ups and downs, and it's flown by so quickly in the process. Still, I never like saying goodbye to "Jenn Month", even though it means fall is coming soon - and I love fall. 

Here's what I was loving during my dedicated month of the year! ;)

Caroline G Shop's 3-Bubble Necklaces
I am so in love with these necklaces by Caroline G! They are bright (my fav!), trendy, and adorable. When you feel like your outfit just needs a little something extra and want to achieve it simply (hello, small children) - these necklaces do the trick easily. I own one in hot pink and one in navy and I get compliments on them all the time! I really want to get a grey one, maybe purple, maybe yellow........maybe one of each ;)  And here's a tip: she does these incredible promotions once in a while where she offers them for FREE! My fingers are crossed that she runs this promotion on Black Friday again!

Essie's Secret Story & Tart Deco - together!
These colors are adorable on their own, but together they create a color scheme so close to my wedding colors that it makes me giddy! I've been re-painting my nails with these colors all month in honor of my anniversary - and maybe also just because they're my fav ;) You can see them in action in the picture above with my adorbs Caroline G necklace!

For a really long time, I thought our Netflix streaming account was kind of a waste. We kept it because the kids had so many preschooler-friendly shows and movies to watch, and they loved using it. It also came in really handy on road trips and in waiting rooms because they could access it easily on our ipad or iphones. But for me? I felt like they never had anything I really wanted to see. That changed one day when I discovered a handful of movies I was excited about and then I kept adding their related suggestions to my queue. Suddenly I had this list of about 50 movies I wanted to watch! I've been slowly working my way through them, and when I hit a nap time when my work is done and I just need a little break, I fire one of these up and get lost in someone else's world. I'm loving it! Who knew this many lesser-heard of movies were hiding there all along?

Painting & Teeny Tiny Canvases
I'm admittedly not very good at painting, but I'm having a lot of fun playing with it, anyway. I don't know any technical tricks or how to shade anything to save my life, but I've still adored all of my creations lately. I have a surprisingly massive collection of cheap acrylics, and I even invested in slightly nicer paint brushes. I always check the sales on the mini-canvases when I'm in a craft store, and I recently found them at 50% off! I picked up a ton of those tiny 2x2 ones for $.50, and some 5x5's for $1. How cute are they - seriously? Between little canvases and embroidered hoop art, I'm hoping to make a sweet little caffeine gallery to hang on the wall near my coffee maker in the kitchen. (Which, if you recall, would quickly cross one of my 30 by 30 items off the list!)

A Cuppa Kim's Mug Swap
I participated in the original Mug Swap over at A Cuppa Kim for the first time this year, and I LOVED IT! It was so much fun brainstorming about what I'd send to my swap buddy and hunting for a cute mug. I'll tell you more about it soon - the blogging world will be flooded with Mug Swap posts on September 3rd so you'll get to see lots of success stories then ;) The swap assigns you one person to send to, and one to receive from - they're different people, which makes it a little easier to keep the surprise going (like a secret Santa), and you get to meet two new bloggy friends! Watching the #mugswap2013 hashtag on Instagram has been SO fun, too. I will definitely be participating again next year - you should, too!

Peanut Butter & Apples
How was this secret kept from me for so long? I had no idea that dipping apple slices in peanut butter was so incredibly delicious! Have you tried it? Forget the caramel. Go grab an apple and your peanut butter jar, and go to town - don't wait! You won't regret it. 

Gussy Sews
You guys. I'm not saying this because they pay me to (they pay me, but not to say sweet things about them on my blog, ha!). I've always loved following Gussy & her adventures and drooling over her new ruffly goodies as they hit her shop. When a job opened with her company and I saw what a perfect fit the job was for me, I was SO THRILLED, I was all but bouncing off the walls. I was drawn to apply as quickly as I possibly could to give myself the best chance to just be considered. I saw other adorers commenting on her various social media spots and I just thought - there's got to be so many applicants, there's no way I'll be considered. So imagine my surprise when I was not only considered, but hired! Yay! I've had such a rough time with this pregnancy, this felt like a triumph of epic proportions - I needed this. I needed another purpose, another focus, a way to bring in just a little bit of money to help my family - and God provided. I'm sure of it. I have absolutely treasured becoming a part of the Gussy Sews team and working with Gussy herself! She really has an incredible community going, and I love being on the front lines with her! I'm so, so grateful to have this opportunity in my life!

What were your favorite things this August?

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