Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 before 30: The list.

I'm going to be 29 next month.

Oh, so many mixed emotions.

I actually like the number itself. Hubs & I celebrate our dating anniversary on the 29th of February (yep, leap day). And I've always been kind of partial to odd number ages, though I can't tell you why. I feel more connected to them, or something. I've been confused and thinking I was 27 almost all year, because 28 just doesn't feel like it "fits". 

The downside to 29, obviously, is that I have to say goodbye to my 20's soon. I'm not scared to be 30, or anything, but that's only a decade away from 40, and another from 50, and holy crap...I'm almost old. 

Plus, I REALLY wanted to be done having kids by the time I hit 30, and now I'm not so sure that my child bearing years will end with this baby (4 feels like our number), and I'm gonna have to hit 31 or 32 before I make that happen. And considering I was 24 when I had Luke, I will suddenly go from being the self conscious young mom at preschool drop-off to the self depreciating older mom by the time #4 hits those days. That's just...kind of weird to think about.

So anyway.

Thirty is clearly monumental. A milestone, surely. And I felt like something needed to be done to honor it. I have ONE YEAR (+ a month) to experience my 20's before I will never again be a 20-something. So that's where my 30 by 30 list comes in.

I'll tell ya, though. There are a WHOLE lot of 20-somethings out there that live a totally different lifestyle than I do. I googled all over the place looking for inspiration (trying not to be too general or cliche, or unreasonable in my tasks) and they have all these crazy things to check off like..."Go to Egypt" and "Go Skydiving" and I'm all......"Use the bathroom without anyone watching!" (That one didn't actually make my list, sadly. I don't see it happening in the near future.)

I REALLY hope to get through all of this, and I think I made it achievable, so join me as I work my way through these lovely tasks!

1. Have a "Home Made Lovely" worthy home by my 30th birthday, even if I don't actually participate in the series! I just want it to look like it fits in with those homes - happy and bright!
2. Reach 225 read books on GoodReads. (212/225)
3. Make 10 different "works of art" (okay, decorative crafts) to hang in the house. (7/10)
4. Have a day or night away with just my husband.
5. Get back down to 125 pounds (again!).
6. Make our family cookbook.
7. Take a family vacation that isn't at the lake (somewhere new!).
8. Execute a major purge around the house - aim to live more simply - and host a purgey sale (virtual? garage sale?).
9. Have a pre-planned Christmas sale in my shop and put it all together before baby #3 gets here! (The plans happened, nothing else did.)
10. Make useful home organization charts (chores for the kids, meal plans, birthday calendar).
11. Print, organize & preserve all the monthly letters I wrote to my boys to date (probably binders & plastic sleeves).
12. Have decent pictures taken of me and all my kids (even if it's just hubs with my DSLR).
13. Finish my movie to do list. (16/62)
14. Have a reading done by a medium.
15. Have a fancy-shmancy romantic candle lit dinner with Matt, at home after the kids are in bed.
16. Try food from misc countries/cultures that we've never tried before, take out or make at home. Include Indian, Japanese, Thai, Korean. (2/4)
17. Order Instagram pictures and start a simple Instagram scrapbook.
18. Plan another semi-homemade Christmas and pre-make as many gifts as possible! (I planned it, got 75% finished with one gift, and that was the end of it. Ohhh well.)
19. Completely clean up and re-organize my craft room and the supplies I keep in the dining room hutch.
20. Plan our family Disney vacation (for 2015).
21. Complete my WIP and craft To Do list.
22. Make a freezer meal plan and have enough frozen dinners for 1-2 weeks after baby #3 gets here (I've always wanted to try freezer cooking!). (Done!)
23. Have someone take pictures of me + my husband together - just us! Even if our kids end up joining in at the end.
24. Take each of my oldest boys on a Mommy-son date sometime after the new baby is born. A day just for them with a meal out and going somewhere fun!
25. Visit every park in Amherst with a playground and/or walking trail. (6/17)
26. Go to 5 new restaurants - preferably non-chain, local places. (2/5)
27. Alter an item of clothing I never wear yet can't seem to part with.
28. Start a National Park tradition by visiting at least one with the hope to visit many over the years on family vacations.
29. Learn embroidery - study the most commonly use stitches (and some other cool/useful ones) and practice them. Make something using multiple methods. 
30. Host a garden tea party. I just want to! :)

And one to grow on....

31. Read + fall in love with some poetry. 


  1. Love this list. May I ask...what is a movie to do list? :-)

    1. I have a long list of movies I want to see - it's not going very well! lol

  2. This is just like my list of 40 things to do before I turn 20! I can't wait to follow along as your complete your goals. It gets hard to get them all done. I turn 20 next month and have a lot left to do. I nominated your wonderful little blog for the Liebster award, too.

    Amanda Rose

  3. Wow! That is quite a list to do in a year! Good luck! I'll have to take a look at the GoodReads list. I'm always on the hunt for a new book. I love seeing other people's lists, I may have to make a 40 before 40 list. :)

  4. Great list! Good luck getting everything done, and don't worry, 30 really isn't THAT big of a deal!

  5. I love this idea--I hope you get to check off as many of these as you can! I'm in my mid-forties now--and while my thirties were good, the forties are even better!

  6. That's quite the list!! Good luck! What a good idea! I would like to get good pictures taken children are usually not so cooperative...the boys that is. My oldest hates having his picture taken...he's 16...and my 12 year old is prone to making faces, which sometimes is funny, but other times is not!

  7. I love the strong organizing theme running through this list:) I'm so focused on efficiency that I found myself reading the list and wondering how many of these could be done simultaneously (2 birds with one stone...) Have fun pursuing this list!! Stopping in from SITS!

  8. You have a great list here! It looks like you're very organized already.

  9. It looks like a great list that is very personalized. Best wishes as you work to check things off!

  10. I like how you keep track of each of the thirty accomplishments and how close you are to the goal. I have several goals for before my next birthday, but at 62, I'm not going to make a 63 list even though it is an odd number. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  11. I'm here from your SITS Day and y'know... it only gets better. I am 51 now (seriously don't know how it happened!) but each decade improves. I had my #4 at 39 and yes, sat in waiting rooms at my OB with Grannies that were my age, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love your goal list and in fact, I maybe I'll start a 52 1/2 by 52 1/2. LOL. You are an inspiration!

  12. Wonderful list! I didn't have my daughter till I was close to 40. Believe me, you will not be considered old at preschool when new babies get there! If you accomplish #8, please post about how you got your kids to let go of old toys! Please!

    I enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be back. Happy SITS Day!

  13. Those are WONDERFUL ideas for your list!!! You are such a gifted mama and you have so many incredible pursuits!! Good luck with ALL of them!!

  14. Love this list! I hit 30 this year and know just how you're feeling. Good luck ;)

  15. I love this! I *just* realized that I should have done this last year, not this year when I TURN 30. I suppose I'll have to do a 30 during 30 list. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  16. Great list!

    Try Erotic Poems by ee Cummings. I love ee Cummings' work (but I'm not a huge poetry fan) and the second I found this collection I devoured it.

  17. What a great list. I am going to have to steal some of these. Happy SITS Day!

  18. Wow, that's quite a list! You go girl :)

  19. Awesome (and I think certainly achievable) list..I love that you want to have a Garden Party...I think that is such a cool idea. Happy SITS Day!

  20. Baah, made me regret not having a list before my 30, it's too late now and 40 is a long way to go from now. Enjoyed this!
    Dropping by from SITS!

  21. I love your list! I'm 11 months away from 30 too and even though I picked a more "go to Egypt" and "skydiving" 20's than the family route, I feel like the spirit of your list is totally applicable to all sorts of folk.

    Also, Thai food is delicious (and if you're a spicy food wimp like me - pad thai can be made mild and green curry is less abrasive than other types)!

    P.S. I love your family photo on the SITS page. Your littler one had a really funny face on in it. Made me smile. Enjoy your SITS day!

  22. Love your list!!! Although, I don't think that 30 makes you an older mom!!

  23. Good luck! I just turned 40. Where did the time go? Happy SITS day!

  24. What a great list! I wish I had thought about doing a list like this. But I'm only 5 1/2 months away from 30. Really, I had 3 life goals before I turned 30 and I'm about to complete the final one on October 2nd. Good luck with your 30 and Happy SITS Day!

  25. Great list! You have really touched on all corners of your life! I'll tell you a little secret: life in your 30s (and your 40s and 50s) is pretty great. Happy early birthday! And Happy SITS Day!