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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love is coming.

I'm pretty sure it was just Christmas yesterday....yet Valentine's Day seems to be three weeks away already. Weird.

But do you know what that means?

Hearts. Pink. Red. Warm Fuzzies. And sharing the love!

I'm one of those people that "do" Valentine's Day, mainly because I am a holiday addict and believe that tradition and celebration are some of our biggest gifts in life. So I decorate my house and give my kids some candy (because they haven't had a big enough stream of it since October!), and I usually do something cheesy for my hubs. I actually found a really awesome gift for him this year, a la Etsy, but I can't say what it is, unfortunately, because he might see this! I'll just say that I am super pumped about it, and it's an actual manly keepsake. You know how guys buy girls jewelry and they could potentially keep it forever? Man stuff always seems so temporary to me (except for maybe, wedding bands), and I've been searching for something more permanent like this for the last 9 years! So I'm feeling quite excited about it. If you're really passionately curious to know what it is, email me ;)

So anyway.

THIS year, Valentine's Day is spilling over into my shop! I've got some totally brand new items on their way, debuting in V-Day colors...but they will eventually be listed in all sorts of colors and themes for the whole year! OH I'm being so cryptic with you today!

Here's something I will share with you....right now! I'm accepting pre-orders for the new Valentine's Day inspired Bow Cozies! WOOO!

They will be listed officially tomorrow, but any pre-orders I receive today will be custom made, with guaranteed shipment by Saturday! I mean, chances are, you'll want to spend more than a day or two dressing your coffee up with a sweet Valentine's Day colored bow cozy, so might as well get them as soon as you can! All of these bow cozies are in fact, bows (I say that because I know #4 doesn't look like one...but I swear it is, you're just looking at the back), AND they all have a little felt heart applique on the back. Awwww.

They are $6 + shipping, + tax for NY residents only.
(Sorry, NY-er's, I'm one too, and our silly state requires me to collect sales tax from my co-residents.)

Valentine's Day Bow Cozies!

To pre-order yours RIGHT NOW, send an email to shoploveforward at gmail dot com with your choice and any questions you may have. If you are located in NY, please also include your zip code. All pre-orders will have custom listings posted in my shop on Friday, and as long as you check out with your order by 8am EST on Saturday morning (1/26), I'll get yours in the mail that day!

And as for the rest of my V-Day items? Welll. There might be some cards. Maybe. There's really  no way to know. There also might be something that involves beads, and cable chain....

...I just can't tell you for sure. You'll just have to check the shop tomorrow! 

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