Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducing: Love forward - Accessory & Gift Shop

Not to toot my own horn, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "You should sell these!" over the years. No matter what the project or medium, I've always had an affinity for crafts and found something special and loving about making things for friends and family. Even so, I could never find that one "thing" that I could stick to - that I could make every day, and share with others with a certain motivated passion. And trust me when I say - I've tried it all!

(Except making jewelry, and that hit me the other day...that there's actually a craft I know little about and I'm suddenly rabid over buying all the necessary supplies and adding this to my bag of tricks. So that's probably coming.)

This summer, I'd decided to open a shop with a different type of theme. Rather than limit myself to a certain type of craft or method of crafting, I created a place that would house bits of love. Sounds silly, I suppose, but here's my thought process.

love forward button Anything we could possibly need or want in this life is for purchase. When we chose to make it ourselves, we are choosing to love the person it's being made for, or love our homes, or even ourselves. It infuses the end product with pride and affection, and that's something you just can't find inside a perfectly designed package, with the contents created in mass quantities in a factory. So each time I chose to love someone, or infuse my home with love, and I find a craft I love - I make an extra for my shop. Every item in my shop was therefore inspired by love, meant to spread that love forward. 

Though it was created in August, life became pretty hectic with Luke starting preschool and Fall activities happening sometimes multi-daily. I didn't have time to stock it until a few weeks ago, and I have been working every day to take pictures, write descriptions, and finally present all of the finished products I have been loving. I've been adding new listings as soon as I have them put together, in all different categories! There are already garlands, coffee cozies, cards, and ear warmers - and I've got many more things planned and on the way!

To me, crafting is love. Not just in that the crafter loves what they are doing, but the craft itself is made with love of some form in mind. So with that idea running through each of my products, I named my shop love forward.


I've got a thing for bows and hearts, and hilariously enough - every product in my shop at the moment has some form of bow on it. That wasn't even planned! haha

One of my products has been getting a lot of favorites, and since my last post - it has also become my first SALE! WHOO HOO! I really love it - it's my Bow Coffee Cozy!

Crochet Bow Coffee Cozy

They are listed at a super affordable introductory price of only $5! They make a really great stocking stuffer, and not only are you supporting environmentalism, you're accessorizing your coffee cup in a way those silly brown cardboard collars just can't! I'm so crazy about these, and I would LOVE for one of you to WIN one of your very own! I'm giving away a brand new color that's coming to the shop soon (you can win it before you can buy it!!!) in a gorgey hot pink called raspberry (though it doesn't look like raspberry to me, it's a little lighter and more neon). Keep it for yourself, or give it as a gift!

To Enter

Mandatory Entry:
-Like the love forward shop Facebook Page (here)
-Leave ONE comment with your name and preferred email, as well as your FB name (if different) so I can confirm your follow if you win :)

For Additional Entries:
-Follow me on Twitter @TheRychLife and leave ONE comment here with your name, twitter handle & contact email

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-Refer a friend to this giveaway via any source, and as long as they mention you in their entry, you'll earn an additional entry. Just make sure you tell them to mention your name!!!

This giveaway ends December 7th at Noon to allow shipping time before Christmas. The winner will be chosen with, announced in the evening, and contacted via email for their shipping information. They will then have 24 hours to respond and claim their prize, or another winner will be chosen. Giveaway is open to US and Canada only. Good luck! :)

PS, find me on Instagram - jennr831! It won't earn you any bonus points, but I like finding new Insta friends! :) 


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