Monday, December 24, 2012

December Fun

We have had a great Christmas season this year - full of lots of celebrating fun. We shared a North Pole Breakfast with the boys' elf, Snowflake Little Bear, attended BuffaloMommies' Christmas party, celebrated at school, made a Gingerbread village (badly) and Christmas cookies, and took some pictures by the tree.

Henry is really just a long for the ride...looking cute. ;) But Luke is REALLY into the holiday spirit this year, and that has been so fun for all of us!

Snowflake is already back from the North Pole this evening and ready to ring in December in the morning! #elfontheshelf

BMChristmasParty 003

BMChristmasParty 001

BMChristmasParty 013

BMChristmasParty 017

BMChristmasParty 025crop

BMChristmasParty 026

december 027

december 040edit

december 071

december 077edit

december 078

december 084edit

december 085edit

december 089

ChristmasFun 002edit

ChristmasFun 004

ChristmasFun 012edit

ChristmasFun 013

He was SO happy to do this, he kept saying things like, "I love doing things with you at Christmas time, Mommy!"

ChristmasFun 015edit

ChristmasFun 026

Guess who is really good at making cookies this year!


We are SO ready for Santa tonight! :)

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