Friday, November 30, 2012

While life has happened

Life is funny, the way it sort of speeds on by and disappears on you before you even have a chance to make note of yesterday. That's probably why my phone's home screen is still a picture of Henry at 6 months old (ya know, nearly A YEAR ago)...because I'm in denial that that much time has gone by.

I have weird, deep-thinking preoccupations with the ideas of time and space and life (and trust me when I say I could talk your ear off ALL.DAY.LONG. and never quite fit in every thing I'd want to say on the subject, even after you've fallen asleep). Because I'm so endlessly curious and confused about it, I find myself marking time by which holiday is coming up next - what decor should I put up? What sort of crafts should I do with my kids? What sort of adorable over-priced Gymboree outfits should I buy next? And I almost feel like without these festive milestones, I'd never have a clue about where life is going. Because it moves incredibly and unfairly quickly. I don't even remember having "that moment" where life went from crazy newborn chaos to, oh, hey, I have two mobile, communicating little children that play with each other and I'm capable of carrying on a normal life while they do so. But somehow, here we are!

(And I am INSANE enough to consider messing it all up by trying to have another life-altering newborn! No, I'm not pregnant, simmer down ;) I'm just hoping it's in the cards eventually. Although as I typed the previous sentence, I watched my 16 month old squat and brace himself with his hands on his knees while his face turned red from pooping himself...I must be crazy.)

(Pause for butt wiping.)

Aaaand we're back.

So while life has been zooming by for the last year, and over the last three months I have done little more than fill you in on the rabid reading I've been doing, here's some things that have changed along the way.

First Day of PreschoolMy biggest baby (who is almost 4, and not at all a baby anymore) started preschool. It was traumatic - more for me than for him, in a "I am so shocked and worried that I can't even express emotion about it" way. I told a friend that I felt like I needed to cry about it, and my world was just so rocked that I couldn't. He's been at home with me since he was 2 weeks from exiting my womb. The idea of dropping him off to spend time WITHOUT ME, with people he'd never met before, and me twiddling my thumbs 10 minutes away, counting down the seconds until I could go back and pick him up, was excruciating. We've adjusted pretty well over the last 3 months, and he has really gotten a lot out of the experience so far. And I really couldn't have found a better school or teachers to make this transition easy for him, or for me. We're really much as I thought I'd die an early death from the figurative heart attacks I was having daily through September.

Lukas Potter T-Henry Halloween happened, along with it's various sugar-fueled activities. Luke played a convincing and adorable Harry Potter, which deemed him "Coolest Kid Ever", and garnered copious comments and giggles. Henry disguised himself as a T-Rex, and begrudgingly wore a ridiculous floppy head piece and movement restricting gloves with tiny felt claws. The two of them infused Halloween with cuteness, and they made out pretty well in the candy department. Despite our plans being thwarted a few different times, we had a really fun evening on the night of Halloween - filled with BFFs, turkey hot dogs disguised as mummies that really looked like a couple-a ladies chillin' at a spa, and ding-donging the houses in a nearby well-to-do neighborhood that was fairly generous with their hand outs. Had the kids been bigger and more weather-resistant, they could have had an epic haul. It was a pretty successful holiday, and even better - the candy count is down to one I could complete on my hands, so - wins all around.

Check Out Lukeisms.blogspot.comLuke, my special man, got HIS OWN BLOG! I've been posting the hilarious things he says on FB and recording them in various places for as long as he's been talking. People have urged me to do something with them ever since, and I just finally took the plunge. I have quotes scheduled through Christmas, and there's plenty of laughs to go back and catch up on if you ever need a smile. He is a funny little dude! So check out Lukeisms if you get a chance!

Thanksgiving arrived next (see, holiday milestones), and it was as wonderful as ever. Our day consisted of Pumpkin Pie French Toast, the Macy's parade, cooking like a mad woman (and ending up with the most delicious stuffing ever), dinner and laundry basket rides at my mom's house, lots of black Friday shopping, and of course...the best part, leftovers. My kids pretty much only ate some turkey and cranberry sauce. They don't know what they're missing!

Food. Via Instagram, of course.


And let me tell you what a feat it was. I have tried, and tried, and tried to figure out how to do this - for years! Attempting and failing to pick a niche (because I'm a craft-a-holic and cannot limit myself to one), doubting myself compared to what's already out there, feeling dejected rather than inspired after reading craft biz books and articles, wondering if it's even worth the effort....yeah, a whole lotta self doubt. I just finally decided to DO it....and who cares. I mean, it wasn't quite that simple. I put a lot of thought and love into it (which I'll tell you all about soon), but I'm just kind of....doing it to say that I did. Am. Will. And not caring so much about the outcome. I started the shop in August, but didn't start stocking it until November. And I have other things I want to play with and add all brewing in my head that are very slowly coming to the it's a slow process. But it's THERE. I haven't sold anything yet....but one of my items seems to be a bit of a hit. And handful of people have favorited it! And that is nearly enough excitement for me. People LIKE something I made, eek!

Subsequently, I'll be making said item in different colors for Christmas gifts. And perhaps give one away here. Exciting stuff!

The link to my shop is in the sidebar - the first button under "Sponsors". I'm not putting the link here simply because I want to give it a proper introduction, and I promise it's coming, because it's already sitting in my drafts.

Our Christmas tree went up, and our family elf - Snowflake Little Bear - arrived on the same day. I'm a Christmas nut, so this is thrilling to me. I can't believe December doesn't even arrive until tomorrow, because we've already been celebrating the Christmas season for 8 days. Tonight we start our advent book tradition, AND I finally finished making a quilt I started circa 2006. It DOES NOT take me 6 years to make a quilt, usually. It's more like 5 or 6 days if it's all I do during naps or the evening. But I just kept skipping over it in lieu of other projects, and truthfully - I was not in love with the fabrics. I bought them at a Super Walmart in Charlotte because they don't have any Joann's stores, and their Christmas fabric was not much to get excited about. I have since seen what amazingly adorable and beautiful Christmas fabrics there ARE out there, and so I was less than motivated to finish this one. But I'm still pretty proud of it, and my kids are big fans of it.

This was taken after I finished the top, and before
I assembled all the layers. You get the idea.

My fellow soap/GH fans voted our girl Kelly Monaco into 3rd place in the All Star season of DWTS. Yeah, this is noteworthy. I have never been more obsessed with the show. I am super depressed that it's over. I'm happy for Melissa & Tony, girl can DANCE, and she deserved it. But Kelly & Val should have been 2nd at the least. And not just because their relationship is adorable, I just think...they were better dancers. Not that Shawn & Derek aren't, because I find them highly entertaining...I just think Kelly should have taken 2nd place. Honestly, though...I was thrilled that the three of them were the finalists, because they absolutely deserved it the most.

And now I have to go, because I'm pretty sure Henry is opening all of the van doors with my key fob.

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