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Monday, October 22, 2012

BuffaloMommies Trunk or Treat & a Fall Walk

This past weekend, we celebrated fall & Halloween by attending BuffaloMommies' Trunk or Treat and taking a very fall walk.

Trunk or Treat took place at a firehall in Lancaster. The boys put on their costumes and trick or treated at the trunks of decorated cars. There was also a clown making balloon animals, a magic show, a dj, and some activities for the kids to check out including an obstacle course from Rolly Pollies. We got rained on at the end, but the all enjoyed it!

trunkortreatfallwalk 029edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 033editscar

trunkortreatfallwalk 038edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 048edit

After loading up on cider & powdered donuts, we grabbed the wagon and some blankets, and went to see the way the leaves are changing at a park near our house.

trunkortreatfallwalk 053edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 060

trunkortreatfallwalk 079edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 080edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 101

trunkortreatfallwalk 106edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 110

trunkortreatfallwalk 122

trunkortreatfallwalk 125edit

trunkortreatfallwalk 130

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