Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hey, Hi, Hello, Summer!

Bare feet & painted toes tucked into sparkly flip flops.

Messy ponytails tickling exposed shoulders.

Osculating fans & open windows.

Water in a sweaty glass, accessorized with ice cubes, lemon and a sunny yellow straw.

Smiles, new freckles, happy exhaustion, a belly full of soft-serve ice cream.

Summer is here, friends.

And for today, so am I! You may have been wondering where I've been lately, hmm? I've gone from posting almost every day to silence for...I don't even know how long! Yikes! Well, I'll tell ya, loves.

Summer does things to me.

I am the happiest little homebody there ever was from November - May, but when the trees are full of green leaves, the sunshine comes out to play, and I pack up my socks for their hibernation until September, I can't sit still. I like an overly clean house for the summer breeze to glide through, a well-weeded and watered garden, tired sun-kissed babies, and campfire after campfire. I like to take my carefree motivation, and do something with it! And I think it's fairly obvious by this point that I love to write, as well as converse with my fellow blogger, but sometimes - when the weather is warm and things slow down - I like to leave the writing to the professionals, and dive into the books they churn out. And I'm just too busy living right now to write about it!

There are worse things. I know this.

I make it sound all sunny and sweet, but the truth is, there's A LOT going on right now! I feel like we have plans every single day. With two busy babies in the mix, there's just not a whole lot of time left for me to share the craziness that is my 'ol noggin! So I hope you're not missing me too hard.

I'm around, and when I have 5 minutes I'm reading you guys. And I miss you!



  1. This is the truth!

  2. Have a great summer! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's the link to my post: