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Friday, July 20, 2012

Henry's Red, One & Blue First Birthday Party!

When Luke turned one in the middle of January, I planned his celebration with a winter theme, and called it his Winter ONEderland party. There were oodles of paper snowflakes and twinkle lights, white and blue streamers, a hot chocolate bar, and more. So when Henry turned one right after the 4th of July, I racked my brain for a "one" theme that would fit the season of his birth, and came up with Red One and Blue! Cheeeese, I know.

It was a pretty simple theme to go with - being that it's just colors and patriotic decor (which was everywhere in June & July), I collected most of what we needed from the dollar store and Target, and planed a typical 4th of July BBQ style menu.

The night before the party, I hung streamers everywhere in the house. The hope was that we'd all be outdoors, but I wanted the party theme to carry into the house, and maybe also hide our yet-to-be-refinished kitchen a little.

The morning of the party, a huge thunderstorm rolled through. Gabby was over helping me with party prep, and we worked on the cakes while it stormed outside the windows. We crossed our fingers that the yard wouldn't be too soaked and muddy!

We lucked out - it didn't last very long, and right behind it was a bright, hot sun that dried everything quickly! So the party was outside as planned, and it was a beautiful, fun day!

As I mentioned, the food was very typically summer BBQ style. Lots of dips and fruit and salad! Plus stuff off the grill. I put lots of watermelon slices on sticks for the kids, too!

For the cake, I made a typical layer cake made to look like an American flag when you cut into it, but because we had such a big guest list for this party I made cupcakes, too. I used the patriotic funfetti cake mix and frosting for those.

I made a really simple cake banner with a couple of skewers and scrapbooking paper to make it look a little extra festive. The cupcakes all had toothpicks in them with little pinwheels or firework ribbons. It was a little breezy that day, so the pinwheels were spinning the whole time...it was so cute!

For Henry's smash cake, I got the free first birthday cake from Tops. I know this sounds like A LOT of cake, but we had a lot of guests, and I wanted them to all have one of the pretty things while Henry smashed his own.

He had so much fun smashing that cake, we had to pause for a quick bath during the party...

That water was an interesting color at the end! lol

Back at the party, it was time for gifts, favors, and more fun! I made the favor bags out of paper bags that I cut and layered with red and blue tissue paper between them to kind of look like a firecracker. I cut star shapes out of cardstock with my Cricut and wrote all the kids names on them. They were filled with lots of summery, 4th of July things like water blasters, patriotic tattoos, silly bands, and sunglasses, bubbles, and a little bit of candy.

We all enjoyed the afternoon with volleyball, swimming, and hanging out around the fire.

I'd almost forgotten I'd gotten some red and blue beach balls for the pool, too...they got a lot of use!!

We ended the evening with a s'more bar by the fire. I filled up pails from Target's dollar spot with graham crackers and marshmallows, and a little tray I found at the dollar store with chocolate, reece's cups and peppermint patties. Oh - you can also see the balloon decoration I made and hung on the fence! I didn't actually get any pictures with it like I'd planned...oh well!

This was such a fun party, and we got to see so much of our family! It was a crazy-easy theme to do this time of year, too! Yay for summer birthdays, and my baby turning one!!

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