Friday, June 1, 2012

Morning Coffee: Blog Speed Date!

Hey caffeinated friends!

It's a rainy day here, and I've officially traded in my grocery shopping list for bottomless cups of coffee and my Nook. I am super late to The Hunger Games party - and truthfully, have a love/hate relationship with it - but I'm trying to rush through the last of it so I can find out what happens.

(Um, secret - I am REALLY bad at suspense, so I already know what happens. I have this really horrid habit of reading the last 2-3 pages of a book when I get a few chapters in and figure out what the main conflict is, because I just CANNOT WAIT! This time, I actually ruined it reading Wikipedia, because I was interested in who played the characters in the movie (so I could get a visual) and ended up reading the entire plot of all 3 books. Yeah, sweet. haha)

At any rate - how are things your neck of the woods?

Oh, how I'd love to sit and chat books with you ladies. Coffee and reading are two of my favorite things in the world. And that is certainly something I would tell you if we were getting to know each other, which I hope to do through This Little Momma's Blog Speed Dating Link-Up.

This Little Momma

I love this idea, because while I tend to write like there's never a good reason to stop - I love reading simple posts like this to help me get to know my fellow blogger! Let's get to it, shall we?
  • My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenn - and I HATE IT when people spell it Jen. Few things in life bother me more than that! You can, however, call me Jenny - though only a few people do.

  • I'll be 27 for the summer - and then I really need to start facing the reality of how close I am to 30. I make fun of my husband for nearing 32, but we all know I'm just projecting ;)

  • My husband and I met at a car dealership, where we both worked. We moved in together after only dating for 5 months. We were nuts, but also very sure of what we wanted in a life partner - and we found that in each other. We celebrated 8 years of being together this February, and will celebrate 5 years of marriage in August.

  • We used to live in Charlotte, NC. Hubs & I moved there together in 2004. My oldest son was born there. I miss A LOT about it, but love being home in Western New York!

  • I have two sons - Lukas who is 3, and Henry who is 10 months. They are my whole world!

  • And speaking of that, I am a stay at home mom, and I have been since I was 37 weeks pregnant with Luke. I LOVE MY JOB! It's the only one for me. Though both writing & a craft biz are things I hope to pursue.

  • I really, really hope I have a girl some day. I already have her name and her nursery design picked out - ha!

  • There are a bunch of ladies I call my sisters, but only one of them is biological. She's a year and a half younger than me. One is my step-sister (she's 16) and one is my ex-step-sister (ya follow?), who is 2 months older than me.

  • I REALLY love coffee, and books. Have I mentioned that? ;)

  • I strive to live a natural/organic life, but there are just some things I cannot convert with. Yet? Maybe some day. We do, however, grow as much of our own produce and herbs as we can over the summer, compost our food waste, shop local & organic as often as we are able, and recycle and upcycle our hearts out.

  • I love so many forms of crafting, it's a bit ridiculous. In that I have entirely too many supplies, and no time to use them all. Among my favorites are: sewing, scrapbooking, card making, crocheting, and preschooler projects with my 3 year old.

  • I didn't realize that I was considered a funny person until I was nearly 20. It dawned on me after a) people kept telling me I was and b) I noticed a lot of people around me weren't. It's now one of my most prized qualities, and I treasure that about other people! I feel the most connected to people who joke through life, and I'm really uncomfortable around those who don't. If I feel like I can't unearth their sense of humor in a short amount of time, chances are - we won't have a good relationship.

  • I'm a bit of a shopaholic. But not in the sense that I will overwhelm us with debt. (No need to freeze my credit card in a block of ice, a la Rebecca Bloomwood!) I'm a seasonal shopper - I'll go all out in Spring & Fall, splurge away, and then typically have a heart attack over parting with a $20 bill the rest of the year. My biggest problems right now are Old Navy & Target clothes for myself, Crazy 8 & Gymboree clothes for my boys, and Joann & Hawthorne for fabric.

  • Pregnancy is really tough for me. It typically takes me half a year to get pregnant, then I spend about 11 weeks with horrid nausea, followed by very large, rapidly growing babies causing me to expand in ways I don't think my body was intended (the aftermath is gruesome). I wish I had better experiences with it, because if I did - I'd have a lot of babies! I LOVE THEM! More than anything in the world. More than coffee and books! That's saying something :)

  • I wanted the name of this blog to be "little secrets", but that was taken - so I literally used a thesaurus to come up with "dainty revelations". I'm glad I did, because I feel like this fits me and my writing so much better. But I still squeezed my original idea into the tag line - "little crafty mama secrets".
I think you know me pretty well, now! If you'd like to know more, check out my About Me page, where I ramble on about being a cat person and present a thought for library patrons that will give borderline germaphobes a complex! 

I'm off to give myself the jitters and tackle a few more chapters of Mockingjay. Happy Friday!

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  1. I LOVE you girl!!!! Maybe we could do a skype coffee date sometime when the kids are napping???

  2. I want to do one!
    I love coffee and reading, too!

    Amanda Rose