Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Mommy Shopping

My stomach and I are mortal enemies. I'm built pretty slim, but my children - are NOT. I've somehow fit 9+ pound babies into my small frame (an unimaginable feat, so say my doctors all the time). The horrid consequence is this over-used belly of mine. Have you ever skimmed through the pictures at The Shape of a Mother? Take the worst bellies you've seen there, put them all together, and multiply it by 20. That's mine. Unfathomable amounts of extra skin, stretchmarks as far as the eye can see, a complete lack of a belly button, an umbilical hernia, and the worst example of diastasis imaginable. HOT, right?

Since I'm not done having children (God willing!), my doctors recommend that I wait to get fixed up. My babies were within an ounce of each other at birth, so I seem to make a certain type of child - one that is far too large for my body. Meaning I'll probably just undo whatever work they do to fix me. So for the next handful of years, this is the hand I've been dealt. I've gotta work with it.

It's easier to hide this mess in the cooler months, and I simply adore fall and all that comes with it anyway - so that is where the majority of my wardrobe money goes (I'm definitely a seasonal shopper, out of necessity). However, now that it's HOT already, mama needs some belly-friendly, nursing-friendly, cute summer clothes. Here's how I made out the last couple of days!

1. Gap - chevon print tank in navy $17
2. Old Navy - ruffle-tiered jersey top in stainless steel $12
3. Old Navy - scoop twist-front tank in pink $10

1. Old Navy - shirred yolk top in bright night $17
2. Old Navy - v-neck layering cami in bright coral $4
3. Old Navy - lightweight camp shirt in multi check $17
1. Old Navy - braided trim wedges in nude $29
2. Target - mossimo neon tank in flashbulb fuchsia $13
3. Target - mossimo maxi skirt in sweet plum $18

Not pictured - coral jersey tank dress from Old Navy $15

I also picked up some cute neon nail polish shades (pink, purple & yellow) and some grey to go with everything. Currently, my toes are grey with pink tips & my nails are grey with pink pinkies and pink polka-dotted thumbs! I love them. I'd still really love to get my hands on a pair of neon skinnies. I'm thinking fuchsia. And I'd really love some sort of lightweight jersey skirt. But I think this is a fabulous jumping off point.

Mama's ready for summer!


  1. These clothes are so cute!

    Amanda Rose

  2. I love the maxi skirt from target. I might need to head out and shop some this weekend. wink wink. Thanks for the tummy hiding ideas. I have bad stretch marks too. I hate my tummy and can't wait to eventually stop having kids so I can get a tummy tuck

  3. Ah...the keeping cool and not showing off bits you don't want to show AND being able to nurse challenge....Looks like you did well. I recently found a wonderful little dress at Target for $20 - lightweight and cross over so I can nurse but high enough that I don't have to wear a cami under. And they're sold out online and I can't find any more in my store. :( I totally would have bought every color.