Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Day Weekend to Remember

My Mother's Day card

Mother's Day is my favorite holiday.

It's better than my birthday.

It's better than Christmas!

Being a mom is the only BIG thing I wanted to accomplish in life, and I get a day celebrating the fact that my dream came true! What more could a girl want?

And what makes it even more wonderful is the fact that I've got a husband that lives to spoil those he loves. He is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to surprises and planning heartfelt gifts. (Admittedly, my MIL did a bang-up job raising my hubs. In addition to this, he always puts the toilet seat down. Always! The woman deserves a medal.) So when Mother's Day comes around each year, I end up getting an entire Mother's Weekend! And it's almost always impossibly lovely, because the weather is finally agreeable and I am totally off the hook for daunting chores and hubs swoops in when the kids start to cry and I'm allowed to take an unreasonably long hot shower and ahhhhhh - heaven.

This year was no exception!

At least to me. I don't require (nor even desire) the extravagant in life. Rather, I adore togetherness, sentiments, nostalgia, giggles, and sunshine. And my husband never, never misses the mark.

While I love the respite from the daily grind, I love the moments with my boys above all. I know that I spend every day with them - but a day to honor our relationship and slow time to a crawl so I can witness the many things I treasure about my boys (from every crease of their sweet smiles, to the way their breath sounds over their rubbery lips) is a yearly gift I graciously accept.

Each year, I feel as though my heart is filled to bursting proportions. Here are the pieces of my wonderful weekend...
  • My sweet, sweet Luke could hardly contain his excitement over the gift my boys got for me. Matt took him shopping Friday night, and through the 12 hours he was asked to keep a secret - he let out hint after hint. He even shed tears over his conflict between wanting to tell me and not wanting to ruin the surprise. It made my heart swell to realize he's slowly inheriting his Daddy's zest for giving.

  • Because of the above - I got my gift a day early! Luke was, millimeters, from telling me everything. Matt decided that rather than having him blurt it out a day too soon, we should go see what my surprise was on Saturday - and what I didn't know then, was that this was also so we could make use of my surprise all weekend rather than just on Sunday.

  • After a quick drive to my in-law's house (where my surprises were hiding!), Luke grabbed my hand and dragged me from the van to the garage, little euphoric giggles escaping his mouth the whole way - and excitedly showed me my surprise in very Vanna White fashion.

    My brand new bike!
  • It was a brand new bike! This may sound like an odd gift for Mother's Day, but let me assure you - I was both surprised, and thrilled! Matt and I had talked recently about how we need something to do as a family that's not just going out to eat or visiting the same playgrounds. And most things are just too hard for us to do because someone has to hold the baby (it's usually me, wearing him). So we talked about "someday" getting me a bike and a trailer for the boys so we could go for rides together. And, bingo - there was also a trailer for the boys!!! He thought of everything. There were even new helmets for me & Henry, and he'd packed Luke's so we could go for a ride right away.

    Matt seemed a little nervous to see my reaction, and he admitted that he felt guilty because he was SO excited for me to have a bike that he thought maybe he miss-read my desire for one in being blinded by his own excitement. He even offered to let me take it back and use the money for my developing shop! I squashed that hesitation like a bug, because in that moment - I could not think of a better gift. When I look back on my favorite memories with my kids over the last 3+ years, the moments that stand out the most are the ones spent playing outdoors as a family. He'd just gifted me with the opportunity to collect an endless amount of these wonderful moments. What's not to love?!

  • And what better time than the present to make one of those memories? The development my in-laws live in has a bike trail running through it. So we got everyone in their seats, and rode it to a nearby 50's inspired diner (that's one of our favorite summer places to eat!). We parked our bikes outside their patio and sat down to eat burgers and fries, followed by ice cream!

Lunch al fresco!
  • I have to admit, when I first got on the bike - I felt a little awkward. I don't think I've ridden one in any real capacity for the last 11 or 12 years! Maybe even more than that. I wasn't sure how stable I'd be on it...but what's that old saying? Oh yes... "Like riding a bicycle".... you never forget! So on our ride home, I was enjoying myself so much - the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, remembering the days before I had a licence when I lived on my bike and roamed the streets of my adolescent suburb. So I asked if we could keep riding further on our home trip. We did, and little Henry fell asleep in the trailer, snuggled up to his brother.

    Truthfully, I would have gone for hours more!

My Mother's Day flowering Dogwood tree
  • When we got back, Matt told me I had another gift - a flowering Dogwood tree! I absolutely LOVE Dogwoods - they lined the property where my old job was in Charlotte, and I loved spending mornings looking out at their pinkish blooms in the spring. I've talked about wanting one for years, and we LOVE to fill our lot with plants (specifically sentimental or fruitful ones - I was gifted a lilac bush on Mother's Day two years ago as I have ALWAYS wanted my own lilacs, and we are always attempting to grow lots of our own produce in the summer months).
  • Luke enjoying the fire
  • Not wanting to say goodnight to the outdoors just yet, we decided to have a little fire. The first of MANY for the coming summer. We had leftovers out by the fire pit, and soaked in the warmth as the day started to chill. Luke actually sat back and enjoyed the fire the way we do - staring into it, talking with each other, relaxing. Not only that, but Matt let him graduate to "light fire poking with an extremely long stick" from "don't get anywhere near it". I think this will be a very different bon fire season for our Luke!

  • We retreated to the indoors only after Henry's bed time came and went, and it was obvious he needed his sleep. Matt and I ended the evening snuggled up, watching our favorite summer TV show - Whale Wars!

Strawberry pancakes and breakfast sandwiches for Mother's Day brunch

  • On Sunday morning, we got ready to go and set out for the grocery store. We picked up ingredients to make pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream, and sausage, egg & cheese biscuits. We took all of our yummy treats to my mom's house, along with her mother's day gift (she also got a Dogwood - but in her case, we picked it out because she is a Dog lover!). Matt, Luke and I all worked together to make brunch, and I got to give my mom's Keurig a little workout! We had a fun morning in her backyard after we ate - Luke helped her fill some flower boxes and played with her dogs.

  • Nap time called us back to the house, which is when I found the time to sneak in a little Mother's Day rest. It was lovely!

  • When the boys woke up, we went back to my in-laws to take our bikes for another spin. Henry fell asleep on his brother for the ride. Man, do I enjoy these rides with my sweet family!

  • I ended the day with some good TV - Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives - and a coconut popsicle. Yum!
It's hard to say goodbye to a warm, sunny weekend full of surprises, treats, and most of all - love. But I'm already looking forward to next year with my loveable boys!

My three favorite boys

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Those family moments are the best!!!