Friday, May 4, 2012

Morning Coffee Date: Thankful for the dainty details.

Ohh, welcome, welcome May!

Welcome to full green leaves, temps above 60 degrees, flip flops and tank tops and open windows!

When the weather warms like this, rain doesn't bother me so much. Something about the deeper shade of the flora, the sound of the cars rolling through the water, my cats in the open sills - watching everything go by. Sigh....contentment.

So this morning, sitting with my coffee (in a commandeered-from-a-hotel-by-a-friend Starbucks mug, one of my favs) among the mess of a fabricy work in progress, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. No, not the turkey and mashed potatoes kind - but the hearts and flowers, bursting at the seams with love, kind.

I've been thinking about last year at this time. I was 7 months pregnant, babysitting a little boy to pay for our groceries, desperately wishing I had the freedom to take my then 2 year old to enjoy himself at a playground. Maybe have a picnic afterwards. I more than wished for that - I prayed for it. I was pre-mourning the loss of our "just me and Luke" days knowing our Henry was coming soon. That's an emotion-fueled post for another time, but the gist was - I became increasingly bitter over my working situation as it limited how I was able to concentrate on my first born while he was still my one and only.

Miraculously, in the middle of gorgeous summery May weather, I ended up with a string of unexpected days off. Each of those mornings, I'd don a new maternity tank top, grab some snacks, and head out into the world with my Luke to play, visit with friends and family, and soak up the sun. It was the most energizing, wonderful, impromptu vacation. While I enjoyed it in the moment, it wasn't until later that I understood HOW thankful I was for it. I'd been granted the time I felt I needed to spend with my Luke, and I took full advantage of it. I felt renewed and satisfied. It wasn't coincidence.

That which we manifest is before us.

My new take on life.

Last night, Matt announced that he took a vacation day and would be starting the weekend a little early. I was instantly transported back to last year - my sweet little oasis from every day life - and so thankful for the way life surprises us like this. So thankful for the bonuses. So thankful for my sweet husband, that loves our family so much - that takes a day from his obligations to spend more time with us. So thankful for my healthy, handsome, sweet and funny little boys that I get to spend my days with. So thankful for the warmer weather - the means to get around and enjoy life - the carefree atmosphere the warmer months usher in.

So thankful for pretty floral fabrics and vanilla creamered coffee. Thankful for the dainty details.

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