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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tape Resist Easter Egg Painting

This is certainly not a perfectionist-esc project, but it was a simple enough to keep Luke entertained while I cleaned up one afternoon! Here's what we did..

1. I chose a few sheets of pastel cardstock (whatever felt Easter-y to me) and cut egg shapes out of them.

2. Using a roll of fairly thin masking tape (I don't know the exact width of it, an inch maybe?), I taped different designs on the eggs. One was a chevron zig-zag, one had diagonal stripes, and one was a random criss-cross of thinner strips (I cut the tape in half length-wise).

3. I let Luke chose 1 color paint per egg (to keep them from mixing in the containers, this was simply a time constraint thing - I didn't have time to unearth something disposable to pour dabs of paint into) and then go to town. At first he started painting between all of the tape, which defeated the purpose, so I told him to cover the whole thing.

4. As he finished each egg, I pulled up the tape (very carefully!). I have nothing to compare the results to, but I figured it would be harder to do with the paint dried, and the longer the tape was stuck down, the more likely it would be to rip the cardstock.

5. Let 'em dry!

That's it - super simple, and super cute! I let him use tempura paints for this, but you could also use watercolors, crayons, markers, colored pencils - whatever you've got!

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