Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Simple Laundry Tip!

For all I know, this could already be widely known - or maybe these types of laundry detergents are made to be used this way, but I'm sharing this with you regardless, in case you're slow on the uptake like yours truly.

We recently got an amazing deal on one of the two laundry detergents we use (we are strict Seventh Generation & Green Works users), and came home with the giant size container. We use front loading machines that sit on pedestals, and each pedestal has a drawer where we store our laundry products. This giant thing just didn't fit or work right in our usual drawers, and after a moment of genius enlightenment I realized...if I just sit this thing on top of the machine, its spout will be right over the detergent drawer! Like this:

How to position your huge-bottle of detergent on your front loader

And all you have to do is push the little button!

Showing you how easy it is to add your detergent with this set up

I guess you'd have an argument in saying that you don't know how much you're using, but...I just wing it. I do what I think looks like the right amount, and I usually go a little shy anyway. When I'm done, I always pop the cap over it so that it doesn't slowly drip detergent on my floor. No more lifting that huge thing! Whoo hoo!

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