Monday, April 30, 2012

Our March for Babies (or, The Peescapades)

The Butterfly Garden at Buffalo's March for Babies, honoring babies past, present and future!

I am not a runner, and this is probably a laughable accomplishment to those who are - but we put 3.2 miles behind us yesterday at the March for Babies! With two of our own babies in tow.

And we raised $270 for the babies! (My friend Kate, who walked with us, brought along $320!)

That's $590 for the babes! Whoo hoo!

I'm proud of us :)

Some of the highlights of the day....

My baby walking buddies, ready to go  Free Tim Horton's at the walk!

It was a beautiful day for walking! A bit chilly in the shade, but perfect in the sun - and donned in hoodies and blankets, the boys were even able to relax (and nap!) for much of the walk. There was free Tim Horton's coffee, hot chocolate & timbits in the morning, which I thought was awesome!

There was a secondary challenge going on within our little group - The Peescapades! I'd feared this. Saw it coming a mile away. Our Luke only has 4 weeks of full potty training under his belt. Where was he supposed to go once we were a mile into the race? We ended up with three major potty events.
1. Ten minutes before the race started, he announced he had to go. We were all relieved, thinking we'd be in the clear, but a little concerned with the timing. Matt took him to the port-a-pottys, only to find them all with 30-people-deep waiting lines, so he snuck him off the woods and told him to pee on a tree. Even with their solitude, he just couldn't do it. They returned to us just as the crowd started moving to leave. 

Pretty balloon arch marking the start of the race, frames Delaware Casino. Pretty!

2. As we walked below the balloon arch, officially starting the walk, Luke started crying hysterically. We asked what was wrong, and he blubbered a bunch of, "I can't go pee pee! That was my only chance! We have to go home!". There was a building right at the start of the walk, on the other side of the balloon arch, so I dashed across the crowd to see if there was a bathroom inside. The volunteers let us try. So Matt went in with him, Kate and I sat outside with Henry waiting...and watched the ENTIRE group leave. Without us. Gone. I called Matt's cell phone and he said Luke had horrid stage fright. After hearing the walk was gone, he put Luke back together & we rushed to catch up.

In the midst of the walk, working our way to the front!
3. With only a short distance left in the walk, we passed by the place where our van was parked. I have a travel potty in it, and I told Luke we could stop really really fast if he thought he could do it. It was kind of heartbreaking, because after a lot of skillful maneuvering and speed walking on our parts, we made it to the front of the crowd! But Luke would remind us every few minutes, for all 3 miles, that he had to pee pee. So we made an insanely fast pit stop at the van, and finally SUCCESS! We got back into the crowd just before the rear-end police escorts went by, and rushed our way to the finish line!
They had a big food tent set up for after the race - they had Salen's hot dogs, Subway subs, and something from Denny's (though I'm not sure what). The line was SO LONG, we decided to head out early and stop for food on the way home.

We had a really fun time together, and at the end of it - I was so proud of our contribution for the babies! It's hard to make it through one of these walks not in awe of all the little premies out there and what the March of Dimes does for them. So many kiddos were there with their original birth weight stamped on their backs - shockingly small numbers - 1 pound, 2 pounds. Some of the less fortunate babies had family members there to honor them instead. I am so thankful - SO thankful for my healthy, chubby babies - I think it's important to give back to those that don't have the same good fortune!

Me, Kate and my Babies Me and all of my boys!

See you next year, March for Babies!

And, BTW, I DID find shoes on Friday, and they served me well.... no blisters to speak of!
And hot pink laces, whoo!
Yay for hot pink sneaks and no blisters!

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  1. Thank you again for walking for all the little bits...especially your niece :)