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Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Muffin Tin" meal pictures

Luke has taken to calling these "special lunches". As in, "Mom - I want a special lunch!". He gets them nearly every day (the exceptions being when we stop somewhere to eat during errands, or when we're low on groceries, like we were for a week because of the sickness). It's just that, now he requests them for every meal. I do jazz up his dinners a bit (I'll serve his veggies in a silicone cupcake liner, for example), but I also don't want him to refuse to eat a meal that's normally laid out on a normal plate, ya know? He'd be "that weird kid" at sleepover parties.

Anyway, here's a bunch of (instagram-y) photos of recent "special lunches"!

Peanut butter & nutella "sushi" (or as Luke calls it, shoe-she), pineapple chunks, blueberries, cheesy rice puffs (some weird organic snack hubs found & is now obsessed with), vitamin & lemon water. Seriously, my kid is on a lemon water kick!

Wheat toast cut into a flower shape with natural PB & craisins, blueberries, chunks of monterey jack cheese, grape quarters (yeah, I still quarter them!), vitamin & water.

Wheat toast cut into a tulip with natural PB, apple strips, yogurt covered raisins, banana hunk dipped in chocolate sprinkles, chocolate animal crackers, vitamin & water. I did not intend this to be a totally brown & white lunch - but if you want that theme for some reason, here's a good example! :)

Half a buttered bagel, mozzarella cheese cut into L's (for Lukas!), half a hard boiled egg, grape quarters, vitamin, water, and a hershey kiss.

Strawberry & banana "salad", alphabet pretzels with nutella for dipping, swiss cheese strips, vitamin & water.

Alphabet pretzels with natural PB for dipping, pear chunks, chocolate covered craisins, vitamin & coconut milk.

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