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Thursday, April 26, 2012

March for Babies (my final desperate plea!)

On Sunday, I'm doing something a little silly.

I'm taking two small children and only one stroller (yikes) on a 3.2 mile walk, in what I plan to be brand new sneakers (that I'm not going to buy until tomorrow, so they will not be worn in and they will cause me blisters). I'm doing so as a part of the March for Babies - my second time participating.

I'll be straight up about it - more than once I thought about dealing with my kiddos through this trek and wanted to say, I'm crazy...forget it. Especially because my small, single contribution couldn't make THAT much of a difference. Right? But then I started thinking about the thousands of other "small" contributions that would be sucking it up and stepping out of their comfort zones to walk on Sunday - and how those will add up to saving (hopefully) many babies!

And also, someone gave me a check donation, which I have to physically hand in that, totally locked in ;)

Here's a bit of my story (taken from my personal March for Babies page) so you can see why I chose to walk:
My first March for Babies was in April of 2008 in Charlotte, NC. I didn't have any children yet, so when people asked me who I was walking for, I wasn't sure what to say. The truth was, I just felt as though the March of Dimes was an important cause to support, and as a wanna-be mother, I felt it would never be too soon to start! 
Despite that being my original motivation, I started telling people that I was walking for my niece, Ella. She was born 8 weeks early weighing only 2lbs 2oz. It was such a blessing to live nearby (our families were back in NY) and see her in the NICU, watch her "graduate", and spend time with her as she grew. I was so thankful to attend her first birthday party! Ella and her parents moved back to NY shortly after she turned 1, and since we didn't follow right away, we didn't get to watch her grow as closely as we originally did. However, she is now a happy, healthy, almost-six year old!

Since then, I've been blessed with two healthy full-term babies who are everything to me! Because of my experience watching Ella and because thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick - I'm walking in March for Babies because I want to do something about this. I want to make a difference for the mothers and babies that have not had the same good fortune as me and my family.

When I walked in 2008, my husband was also a registered walker, and between the two of us, we raised over $500. I was so proud of us! Since I'm the only registered walker in our family this time, I set my goal at half of that - so, $250. I've accepted that I'm not going to meet my goal...I was late in looking for sponsors, and the economy has changed quite a bit since my last walk. But I would LOVE to reach $200, and I'm only $40 away from accomplishing that! (My personal MFB site says I've raise $135, but I also have that check I mentioned!).

I know it is quite a big "ask" of me...but if you would sponsor me & my babies in our walk this weekend - I would be forever grateful (and love you forever)! Even if it's just $10! If I had 4 people contribute $10, I would reach my $200 goal!

Because I'm asking so late, donating online through my personal March for Babies page is the only way you can do so (no time for mailing checks). Personally, I like that, because I would know my money is going right to the source (and let's be honest, many of you don't know me from Eve!).

To sweeten the pot a little, I will:

1) Send you a thank you card! Everyone loves happy snail mail, and I've been sending a lot of it lately for my Member Relations jobs at The Mommies Network. It's kind of addicting! Thinking of all of those people getting happy little notes is exciting! I want you to know how much I appreciate your sponsorship (if you chose to do so!), so I will hand-write you a note. If aren't comfortable sending me your address (send it to daintyrevelations at gmail dot com), and you don't have a PO Box to share, leave me your personal email - and I will scan in your hand-written card and email it to you! :)

2) Extend your sponsorship to my blog! I'll be honest with you - my blog is very green. I have 4 - count 'em, FOUR GFC followers and 3 Facebook likers. It's really nothing to shake a stick at. BUT - I will tell you this - my page views have been increasing like wildfire over the past two weeks as I've been putting it out there for the public (it was very secret until this month), and I'm excited about where it's going. I also have 322 Twitter followers (!/TheRychLife).While it's probably not going to prove to be a main source of exposure or traffic for your blog or business, I will proudly display your button or badge in my sidebar, tweet-pimp you once a week for all of May, and post a blog feature for you as well.

3) As previously stated, love you forever.

And BTW, you'll get all 3 perks no matter WHAT you donate - ANY amount!

Speaking of babies, I need to go nurse mine down for his morning nap - so I will stop playing commercial for you now. Thanks for letting me push my final sponsorship effort in your laps, and I appreciate your support (even if it's only it's called when you type out support.)

In case the widget doesn't work for you, here's the link to my personal MFB page: Clicky here!

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