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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun (toddler games)

You know the best part about setting my guy up with Mommy School projects? Once I explain them and help him through the start of them - he sits there doing them himself (he insists: "Okay, Mom, I got this!") and I'm free to get something done!

Okay, I guess that's not the best part, but it's a definite perk.

Here's a peek at a few I had Luke do last week (all Easter themed):

Okay, for starters, no picking on my terribly-quickly-drawn Easter pictures.

Cutting practice is always a huge hit with this one. Once he finished cutting along the lines, he turned the entire sheet into confetti (and then helped me sweep). I also had him practice with clothespin letter matching with the uppercase & lower case letters of his first name. I'm a touch obsessed with laminating, btw.

After explaining (and demonstrating, with books and things) that Easter starts with E, I had him sort capital and lowercase E's into boxes. He enjoyed this - his OCD enjoyed it more. ;)

Next up was Easter Egg color matching. While his colors aren't an area needing help, I knew he'd enjoy this, and it would be good fine motor practice. I set a timer on my phone with the hopes that he could do this a couple times and try to beat his own time, but he was such a perfectionist about getting them together PERFECTLY that he stressed about the timer going, so I just let him have at it.

This was our personal favorite, and a recommendation that came from my sister (who is homeschooling her little in the fall, and getting some practice under her belt now!). I cut out strips of paper with the letters of his name, and hid them in Easter Eggs around the living room. Using the laminated card from his clothes pin matching game, I had him place the letters in order as he found them. He LOVED this - we played it 5 times before I finally had to break to make dinner. It ended up giving him good practice for egg hunting over the weekend, too!

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